A Union of Universities

Thursday, December 15, 2016 - By: Olivia B, Mackenzie ‘16; Photo by Rick Rodrigues

1:30 a.m. and we’re off, embarking on what will be the most packed, tiring, exciting and stressful adventure of our adolescent lives. Back during the November midterm break, more than forty students were chaperoned by Mr. Rodrigues, Ms. Beausoleil & Mrs. Coull to travel to three provinces, 10 cities and 15 universities to answer the question we students have been asked our whole lives: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

We started our university tour with everyone's eyes bright with curiosity then wandered about, trying to get the feel of what university life would be like. Days were packed with either two or three tours lasting 1-3 hours each, and as night came everyone had strong feelings of fatigue. 

We were beginning to rank the universities on a scale of 10 and were keen to make notes regarding the likes and dislikes of everything we saw. Nearing the end of the tour we began to understand the answers to many questions we had wanted to know in the beginning: Is there an economic plant wall? Are there co-op programs? Does Starbucks stay open late during exams? We were becoming familiar with the bits of information we started off not knowing, starting to fit into the university campuses and imagining what our life will be like next September. A concept so terrifying as university is now becoming a reality. We were ready to accept the fact that we won’t be with this group of forty people come next fall. 

After our jam-packed days we were left feeling like Sisyphus, but much more relaxed about what our futures would hold. It seemed as if we had seen our potential futures within a span of six days. 

Thinking back onto the university tour, I end with a feeling of ease; as scary as moving across the country can seem, it just means a chapter to my life is coming to an end and that a new one is about to begin.

Olivia B, Mackenzie ‘16

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