A Trip Down Memory Lane

Saturday, April 30, 2022 - By: Will P, Whittall ‘22; Photo by Jack D, Privett '23

Of all the valuable experiences that the Brentwood Regatta offers us, one of the most cherished is definitely the return of alumni to our campus, and after two years of COVID postponements, seeing Old Brentonians back where they belong is even sweeter.

Especially great to see is the return of members of the class of 2020, many of whom are coming to campus for the first time since they left school for March Break, right before the pandemic hit. Members of this class missed out on their final third term at Brentwood, including the Regatta and Graduation ceremony.

Maurits Freybe, Whittall ‘20 is back on campus for the first time: “I never felt like my transition between school and university happened properly. The connections with my teachers, fellow students, and the location itself were so strong, I just had to come back to experience the memories again.”

For Graeme Bittorf, Privett ‘77, this year’s Regatta is especially important: “It’s a very special regatta not only with it being the 50th but also because my former coach John Queen and Tony Carr are being honoured tonight, which makes this year’s event even more special.”

Although the rain continues to spatter here in Mill Bay, nothing can dampen the spirits of this community. It is a great feeling to see generations of Brentonians back together again - it adds to the excitement of our 50th Brentwood Regatta.

Make sure to check out Maxine’s article on student volunteering at the regatta, and stay tuned for more blogs to come from both of us this weekend.

Will P, Whittall ‘22

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