A Terrific Tip Off

Thursday, January 03, 2019 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

After a whole first term of fitness, running lines, and late night Arts Day practices, the Junior Boys commenced their season by bringing home the Lambrick Park Tip Off Tournament trophy! The boys had a bye in the first round, leaving them to play Mark Isfeld on Friday night. They beat Isfeld convincingly, allowing only a single point in the first half. 

In the semifinals, the boys took on Seaquam Secondary School from Delta. After a Brentwood-dominated first three quarters, Seaquam made a final push in the last period of the game, taking a two point lead with about 15 seconds on the clock. Dylan G, Whittall ‘23 got the inbound pass and went to work on his man, burying him in the post before hitting a turnaround jump shot to send the game to overtime. OT started with a 7-0 Brentwood run and the boys finished the game with a five point victory!

After their win versus Seaquam, the Brentwood bus drove back over the Malahat for the boys to get a rest before the finals. After a few hours, the team hopped back on the bus and made their trip back to Lambrick Park for their appearance at ‘The Show’ to face Guildford Park Secondary School from Surrey.

The game was close all the way. Several key players stepped up and hit shots throughout the game. Olin D, Whittall ‘21 & Noah P, Ellis ‘21 were rebounding machines, while Dylan G showed up for 25+ points. The game finished with Brentwood winning by two points, locking down the Gators who had the last shot of the game. 

Congratulations to the boys, Mr. Kulai, and Mr. Sullivan for their fantastic result, and best of luck to them once they return after the break.

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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