A Tasty Thai Dinner

Thursday, December 13, 2018 - By: Janista A, Allard ‘20

On December 5th students from Thailand helped prepare and serve a Thai meal for the Brentwood family. Crooks Hall was decorated with monkeys, elephants and palm trees, resembling Thailand’s tropical environment. Even though there were only eight Thai students at Brentwood, they were able pull off an amazing dinner for everyone to enjoy. The students coordinated with the chefs to come up with the menu that would best represent the unique flavors of Thai cuisine. 

The dinner served a variety of famous dishes including Pad Kra Pao, Thai fried rice, Massaman curry, Yum Woon Sen, Tom Yum Kung, along with mango sticky rice and mango, and coconut milk ice cream for desserts. 

For a lot of people, it was their first time having Thai food. Many students came back for more Pad Kra Pao and Massaman curry while the Thai students were glad to be given this opportunity to present their home cuisine for Brentwood family to enjoy. The dinner was successful and the cafeteria was filled with the aroma of tasty spices throughout the evening.

Janista A, Allard ‘20

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