A Summer of Revitalisation

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - By: Ian McPherson

One would think that a boarding school campus without students in the summer would be a bit like something out of High Noon: empty streets and the slow passing of time.

But in my first summer here I have found the opposite to be true. Once the school year wind down and the students depart, the campus rhythms change and the facilities crew springs to life! An army of workers descends on the school with vigour, to paint, patch and build. This summer is no exception and the school is once again going beyond maintenance to actively improve our students’ experience with a refurbishing of Mackenzie House.

Mackenzie will see significant changes including a full exterior upgrade with an aesthetic change to mirror the modern design of Allard. Returning students will find an entirely new addition with a sloped standing seam metal roof built to outlast any flat roof, new triple glazed energy efficient windows, and double the amount of insulation. The addition has 4 dorms upstairs which will add 8 beds, expansive bathroom facilities, and a mechanical room for the new high-efficacy natural gas boiler to provide heat for upstairs (and the lower floors in the near future).

Some preliminary work is also being done on the existing 3 floors so that one day soon we can convert all dorms to natural gas fueled, and water radiant heat. The overall efficacy of the building will be greatly improved, along with its looks!

Just another summer of revitalizing and improving the place where we work, learn and grow.

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