A Spectacular Evening

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - By: Brayden G, Rogers ‘19

Concert for a Summer’s Eve is an annual Brentwood tradition where performers from every group and every grade put on a performance for the student body to finish off the year. For the Grade 12s, this is their last performance at Brentwood, making it very special. 

Francis V, Ellis ‘18 was one of the acts that will be leaving us this year; he entranced the audience with his violin virtuosity. Ben R, Ellis ‘20 on piano was a fine example of a performer whom we will see more of for years. The Grade 12 actors, dancers, and singers will all be missed, but we also have an onslaught of young performers that has learned from its elders and will incorporate this experience into the Killy Theatre stage for years to come. 

Brayden G, Rogers ‘19

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