A Quick Note From A Proud Vocal Ensemble Captain

Friday, May 10, 2019 - By: Janey W, Vocal Ensemble Captain; Photo by Paul Fletcher

Among the treasure chest of shining excellence in the performing arts programs at Brentwood, the choir is occasionally looked at as the silver piece among gold coins. However, in the last few months the Brentwood Pitches Vocal Ensemble has emerged as a hidden gem in our music program.

As the Captain of Vocal Ensemble, in the last few months I could not be more proud, impressed and grateful for this wonderful groups of singers and our dedicated conductor Mr Phil Newns. Throughout the year, we have worked hard on many pieces ranging from light pop to classical choral arrangements. Recently, festival season descended upon us.

So far this season our choir has had the honour of partaking in the Victoria Music Festival hosted by Oak Bay, the West Coast Musical festival which we hosted, and most recently, we were selected to sing in the Victoria Festival Highlights Concert. The choir had the privilege to receive several prestigious awards. We received the Adjudicator’s Choice Award funded by Linden Singers Society for a particularly noteworthy performance and received Gold in the West Coast Music Festival along with an invitation to Nationals - Music Fest Canada next year. The CapriCCio Vocal Ensemble Award was also presented to Brentwood as an award for the secondary school program with the best multi-talented and diverse musical groups, a nod to the talent of our students and excellence of our director Mr Newns!

Our choir has made a beautiful progression all throughout this year into a fantastic group of people and voices. I feel blessed to have been able to come along on this little musical journey. I am so proud of our choir and I have no doubt we will continue putting our hearts in and singing our hearts out for the remainder of the year. 

Janey W, Vocal Ensemble Captain 2018-19

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