A Night to Remember at Snowball

Thursday, January 13, 2022 - By: Neve M, Hope ‘23

Snowball is a night to remember, full of magic and wonder, enjoyed by friends and peers alike. Brentwood’s annual Snowball took place on December 11th. The doors opened at 6:00pm and students were led into Crooks Hall, lavishly decorated with chandeliers, snowflakes, and a surplus of Christmas lights.

The preparations for Snowball this year were extravagant: as the annual traditions were halted last year and dulled down due to covid, this year’s preparations started early. All throughout fall term, there were hollers and applause in the dining hall as a result of Snowball proposals occurring at alarming rates.

As the doors opened, students were led into the gorgeously decorated Hall, filled with 41 tables, all equipped with table cloths and eight to ten chairs. As the night progressed, table numbers were called one by one to take group photos and then head over to the lively buffet. Later on, when everyone was finished, we were then led to a magic show, to fully emerge ourselves in the magic of the night.

“One of my favourite things about this year’s Snowball was that all the tables had a deck of cards and UNO. UNO was a great hit at our table. We all played and it was a great bonding moment for us” Felicity B, Hope ‘23, observed. It was definitely a spectacular sight to see everyone in their finest clothes holding colourful cards and shouting “UNO!” across the dining hall.

The magic show was a wonderful note to end the night on. The twinkles in students’ eyes as Murray Hatfield worked his magical tricks on the crowd were delightful. Joffre D, Whittall ‘23, was called to the stage twice to participate in the show: “It was a thrilling experience, something I am never going to forget. The lights were particularly blinding on the stage, though Murray made me feel so comfortable with his charm and wit”.

It was truly a night to remember, for staff and students alike. As everyone headed back to their houses, amicable chatter and joyous laughter was shared all around, a sign of a brilliant night. Brentwood’s 2021 Snowball was definitely one for the books!

Neve M, Hope ‘23

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