A Message from Our Head Prefect

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - By: Oladimeji O, Hope '20

Dear Students and Parents,

Normally, when I talk to you, I can see you face-to-face. I can walk across the stage, shake Mr Patel’s hand, and stand behind the podium to inform you that this Thursday is “National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day”. I can’t do that anymore. When we left Brentwood’s gates on March 6th, I don’t think too many of us thought twice about having the opportunity to come back. Sure, we bought loads of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for the plane, but ultimately, we expected to get home, enjoy Spring Break, and return to campus to soak up the glory of 3rd Term. The uncertainty of Covid-19 has stirred up a lot of emotions, good and bad, but I wanted to share some words of encouragement to get us through this trying time.

To my fellow students, I know a lot of you are frustrated. Brentwood has a way of feeling more like an extended summer camp than a boarding school and perhaps, Covid-19 has made us realize just how much we value that. Very rarely are we alone, as we are occupied by academics, sports, arts, and everything in between. On March 25th, our concept of the Brentwood experience will be challenged, as online classes begin. I urge you to be patient with your teachers and try to make the most out of an unfamiliar, and for some, very difficult experience. Most importantly, however, I want you all to remember that you are not alone in this. You may be in isolation, but the Brentwood community extends beyond the campus gates on Mount Baker Road. Find comfort in the unified experience of separation.

To our parents, consider this time with your kids as a blessing. Parents of boarding and day students alike are subject to the demanding Brentwood schedule, leaving precious little time to have meaningful interactions with your children. This crucial period of social distancing is the perfect excuse to slow down, be intentional, and make up for time lost.

In the meantime, I’ll link some Buzzfeed quizzes below to pass the time and some quarantine playlists to make up for the Wednesday breakfasts we will miss together.

I look forward to the day we see each other again.

Your Head Prefect, Oladimeji O, Hope '20

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