A Lively Night Fit for Fun and Games

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 -

On Saturday October the 2nd, SPARC (Student Peer Assistance Resource Counsellors) hosted a fun and games night on the plaza in order to help raise funds for the Run for the Cure. The fun and games consisted of jiggling jello eating, tricky twister competitions, fanatical face painting, and loose limbo.  In order to help raise funds, the students also had the opportunity to hurl a plate of whipped cream at both teachers and fellow students, for a small price!  This year’s edition of Fun and Games had a particularly high energy as the music was blaring and kids were dancing. Hot dogs and hamburgers were being served, and after the junior sign in, the senior grades had a bonfire. It was a very successful fundraiser and a very enjoyable night.

Deirdre H

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