A Life Transmuting Experience: A Lecture By Professor Martin, UofT

Thursday, January 31, 2019 - By: Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

At Brentwood the Science Department has dedicated their hard work towards increasing the exploration of the field of science beyond the classroom. This was evident in our recent Skype discussion with Professor Martin, a renowned professor and researcher at the University of Toronto who is currently working in revolutionary biological immune projects including “Generation of antibody diversity in mature B cells”. 

Thanks to our teacher, Mr McCarthy, we AP Biology students were able to discuss ground-breaking facets of the immune system and what researchers around the world are doing to increase our depth of knowledge in this fascinating field. One aspect that I enjoyed about the lecture was knowing that researchers have only discovered a small part of the immune system: this gives us students at Brentwood impetus to explore more discoveries in science. The Science Department allows students to be more than students; they encourage us to diverge into various career paths. Ben R, Ellis ‘20, stated “ Now I love Biology even more!”

The conversation included the techniques of cellular humoral response by the B cells and cell mediated immunity through the permeation of the T cells. We then discussed how stress suppresses the immune system and how cancer can be potentially treated in the colon and the goiter region. Opportunities like this are evident all around us in Brentwood; you just need to grab the right opportunities and delve into the mysteries of science!

Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

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