A Letter to My Grades

Friday, January 13, 2017 - By: Anna M, Alex ‘18; Photo by Paul Fletcher

Each term the entire school participates in a creative writing contest, named in honour of long-time Brentwood English teacher, yearbook editor and houseparent, Ms. Beth Meluish. Below is the free verse poem composed by the Grade 11 winner, Anna M, Alex ‘18.

A Letter to my Grades

Dearest Academic Average,

Hello and greetings from the outskirts of the report card.

I write to inform you that you no longer define me

And I dismiss you.

Apologies for the short notice,

I understand the inconvenience.

I do hope you will acquire

A new position elsewhere.

Please do not take this personally,

Your presence was truly guiding.

It was you who pushed me to excellence

And taught me to be greater.

The standard set was high

So you told me to thrive

And thrive I did

To make you proud.


Your happiness was my happiness

As long as I prospered.

But what if I stumbled

On my way to achievement?

What if I tripped

On the stairs of merit?

Ruthless you were,

Enclosing me in a space

That was overwhelming, tight.




Inundating me with thoughts of failure

You were unhappy and I was destroyed


You highlighted my faults in yellow

And disregarded my accomplishments.

Perfectionism was unattainable and

The rage was inordinate.


Why must I be faultless?

Why is it that your notion of perfection

Influences my


Emotions and


I am my own person

With dreams and ideas.

You are merely a guide.

A number.

Sincerely, Everyone.

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