A Guide to a Productive Self Isolation

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - By: Areeb S, Rogers ‘20, Writing from Edmonton, AB

As we approach the end of our Brentwood school year, many of us have accepted the challenge of staying at home in a joint initiative to ‘flatten the curve’. This action has led to social distancing and prevented many teens from pursuing certain events for entertainment.

Initially, I found the task of staying at home very daunting especially after regularly volunteering in the local community and spending time with friends. However, although we may not be able to attend events like Summerfest or meet our friends, there are many opportunities we can take at home to lead a robust and productive life of self isolation. Who knows, maybe you can get out of the isolation smarter and more efficient than you were before?

Arts and sports are a vital and integral aspect of our school. For the past month, the school has been live broadcasting home workout sessions and recording rugby tutorials on youtube to continue a certain degree of fitness at home. The school has also offered an Arts Fair event to inspire students to pursue arts wherever they are in the world.

Despite participating in these events, many have found little to do after these events. I suggest reading books or listening to audios of TED talks or podcasts. Or watching movies or videos on Netflix; however, I find that the extra exposure we have received from online school can add to our on screen time during the day. To limit this, I suggest reading books or listening to influential talks.

During this time period, I find it essential to document my daily schedule so I can reflect on my journey and also help preserve the knowledge of mankind for the future. This not only allows you to express your feelings as a writer, but consequently passes 30 minutes of your self isolation.

Many of us graduates are going to find tasks such as laundry, paying phone bills, and cooking daunting in the future. I have worked diligently over the past month to replicate the dishes that I have viewed on Masterchef using fresh ingredients in real life. Rida S, Allard ‘20 states “Staying at home has given me an opportunity to reflect on myself”.

Finally, it is important to reach out to all the seniors and friends and families in your life, being grateful for each other and all the communities we have in life. In most places it’s completely alright to take a walk outside or go for a small hike to reflect on yourself and your future journey. I’m sure that a majority of our schedule is predominantly filled by homework or studying for exams, but it is important to find skills essential to our learning, and give our mind rest by fitting in these other activities mentioned above to provide balance to our daily lifestyle.

The future has always been unpredictable and unforeseeable; however, we can change and continue to act today and make the best out of the circumstances that we are currently facing.

Areeb S, Rogers ‘20, Writing from Edmonton, AB

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