A Ghost Walk To Steele-MacInnes Your Nerves

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - By: Jaylynn B, Allard ‘19; Photo by the spirit of Sir Francis Rattenbury

For a month in third term, the Grade 10s have the opportunity to pick and study a specific literary genre for a month. For about a quarter of us, this meant diving into the realm of all things supernatural, with poltergeists, apparitions and spectres aplenty. 

In the Ghost Stories genre unit, a highlight was undoubtedly when our class got to take a guided ghost walk in the haunted streets of Victoria. After taking some time to shop and enjoy the local cafes and restaurants, Ms Steele-MacInnis’ class was led on a walking tour through Victoria’s most uncanny sites and locations. Highlight included old jailhouses, gruesome murders sites, and alleyways where shadowed figures were often reported. Furthermore, we also had the opportunity to learn about the infamous criminals who once passed through Victoria. 

Our guides walked us through stories of Boone Helm, the Kentucky Cannibal, and potentially, that of Jack the Ripper’s last appearance. The tour ended in Chinatown where we were told about the ghost of young Chan, a spirit you can still see in the streets today, if you’re a believer. With that, our guide bid us goodnight, and we headed back to campus to see just how much sleep we could manage to get that night.

Jaylynn B, Allard ‘19

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