A Game to Be Remembered

Sunday, June 04, 2017 - By: Michael L, Rogers ‘19; Photo by Zach L, Ellis '19

The reason why the game against Robert Bateman will be remembered is not because we lost the game despite having more tries than them or because of the blistering hot conditions that we played under, but for the first time in Brentwood history that the Junior Boys Rugby team competed in the provincial playoffs. Despite having more tries than the opposition, the Junior Boys, sadly, were unable to advance to the semifinals.

Our team performed extremely well under the tortuous heat with many players contributing to the game. Captain Jacob B, Ellis ’19 and Matthew P, Rogers ‘19 kept the score close and their teammates motivated. 

The game ended with an unfortunate score of 34-36. The boys had a slow start allowing Robert Bateman to score a quick field goal, however employing good play after good play we quickly responded with six tries in the second period. Below is a quote from Mr. Smith: “I was extremely proud with the game against Robert Bateman, the boys did really well especially considering they’re a junior team, and the goal of any junior team is to develop and to grow and I think this team have definitely grown since the beginning of the term.” When asked about the outcome of the game Mr Smith said, “It's was a funny game where we scored 6 tries and they scored 3 but we still ended up losing. The boys took some critical penalties that hurt us, but hats off to their kicker who was dead on with the field goals, but I still thought that the boys should’ve won.” When asked about expectations for next year and the new Junior boys squad he said, “The three core pillars of our rugby programme are play with tempo, attitude, and always go forward. The same expectation will be the same for any teams. The central philosophy of the team does not change and it's those three things that make us what we are.”

It is truly a regret that we were unable to proceed on to semifinals. Although the season ended a little earlier than the boys would have liked, the team still learned a lot and grew stronger throughout the season. With incredible resilience and character shown by everyone, we were proud to have represented Brentwood on the field.

Michael L, Rogers ‘19

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