A Fine, Fun Season of Co-Ed Field Hockey

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - By: Sue Whitney, Your So-Energized Coach; Photo by Robbie K, Whittall '19

Coed Competitive Field Hockey is possibly the most fun of any other sport at Brentwood and the only one that both males and females play together in a challenging Spring League program in the Cowichan Valley. What it does is refine the male side of the game and motivate the girls to toughen their game.

This season the team trained once a week at night then played a refereed game against extremely talented local athletes. In all, we played 10 games in the league and three other ones where the girls played against SLS, so that they would have their chance to showcase their new-found toughness.

We were a very competitive team, yes, losing as many as we won but we kept the scores close due to the fabulous, lay-it-all-on-the-line Brandon R in goal. Bringing his ice hockey skills to his game, he learned to stay on his feet during critical plays. Our one-year-wonder from Germany, Henri K showed us how it is when you have played for 14 years. This is what the Cowichan athletes brought to their game so he was in tough! 

Benjamin S, a skilled player of British extraction, was the Captain and led, by example, from the back. Not to be outdone, the girls, some experienced like Grade 9 Abby LC, Georgia G and Emma M did their part and showed the fast energetic Isaac S, Robbie K and scoring phenom Clifford M how it should work. 

Some of the less experienced players, Phoebe H, Jayden J, Aranza SG and Waca U helped motivate the total beginners Rochelle M, Anh Thy U, Maya, and Sophie H to perform harder. All the players improved immensely, mesmerized by the speed and talent on display. 

Consider playing third term in 2020: you will not be disappointed.

Sue Whitney, Your So-Energized Coach

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