A Feel-Good Story

Sunday, May 17, 2020 - By: Jack P, Whittall ‘20

There is little inspiration these days; it’s kind of a bummer. Like you, I’m assuming, I spend most of my time sitting around, and am generally bored.

I get that everyone is in a similar situation, and for that reason I intend to help lighten the mood. It’s hard to find things to write about, when there isn’t much going on around us, so in lieu of what would have been Spring Formal this weekend, I am going to tell a story.

There was a boy named Findlay M, Privett ‘20. Findlay was a good kid. He had many interesting hobbies, and would mull about in his creative thoughts. At the time of this tale, he was an aspiring musical artist, and is somehow verified on Spotify under his stage persona “Murfi”. There is one song on his page, a rap song called “Lickily Split”. When I asked what type of style “Lickily Split” was, he replied “Bad!”.

So Spring Formal weekend comes along and Murfi and his six monthly listeners are pulling up to the dance. The red carpet is rolled out in front of the cafe; the press crowd the entrance with imprints of camera flashes and resounding shouts. Bright multihued disco light scintillate the interior, as the icon himself swiftly moved towards the masses, spellbound by the tune of “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott.

Little did anyone expect that no one would dance to hear the end of that song. For Murfi’s loyal followers, devoted and divine to their cause, stormed the DJ booth. Before long, the hit solo “Lickity Split” was blaring loud. “Everyone stopped moving and looked around” remarked Keeva O, Mack ‘20. “No one danced.” That is, except for the small group of Murfi fans, who all moshed upfront, holding back the mirth they could barely contain.

Everyone else was quite puzzled, and rightfully so. We had interrupted the legendary “Sicko Mode” with some random dude, Murfi. For the Murfi followers, it was the highlight of the night, because the absurdity of us dancing like morons to Finn singing over the speakers at Spring Formal, while 200 other people were genuinely confused, would have been a sight to see.  

It was a great time. I miss it.

Jack P, Whittall ‘20

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