A Day in the Life of a Regatta Volunteer

Sunday, May 01, 2016 - By: Caitlin C, Hope ‘17; Photo by Ella B, Mack '17

The Regatta is Brentwood’s biggest event of the year and a lot of people are needed to keep everything running smoothly. As a result, every Brentwood student and staff member is assigned a Regatta job during the weekend to help out our visitors. 

The first group of volunteers work around the docks. Dock marshals are student and parent volunteers who work on the docks, directing boats, working crowd control, and helping rowers and umpires with the docking and launching process. Boat drivers are Brentwood students (with a boating license) who drive the umpires around the water, bringing them to the necessary locations. Boat drivers also follow behind the racers enabling the umpires to help direct boats and coxies if they’re too close to another shell. 

Start dock holding is the job for all Grade 8s, hold the racing shells firmly against the starting dock before the race begins. Rain or shine, they lie on the starting dock holding the boats in position. 

Beyond the docks, many other volunteers run around ensuring everything else on the Brentwood campus is running smoothly. BEAT students help visitors sort their waste into compost, garbage, and recycling. Jill L, Hope ‘18 said “All the visitors were really impressed with Brentwood’s green initiative.” 

Meanwhile, the Regatta Store workers help sell Regatta merchandise to visitors and Brentwood students while students at the information booth help direct visitors to where they need to go or help answer any questions. There is also the announcement booth, that tells everyone which boats should be launching, which boats are racing, as well as announcing placement of boats during the races. 

In the houses, to ensure security and safety for the boarders, senior Brentwood students acted as “house security”. Their job was to prevent anyone who wasn't from that house, or their parents, from entering. Though a mostly uneventful job, house security is important to ensure the safety of the boarding houses. 

A big thank you to all Brentwood students, staff and parent volunteers who worked tirelessly making sure the Brentwood Regatta for a smooth, successful, safe, and fun event for everyone.

Caitlin C, Hope ‘17

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