A Day in the Life of a Brentwood Athlete

Tuesday, May 03, 2016 - By: Jamal H, Whittall ‘18 & Luis M, Privett ‘18

As a tripartite school, Brentwood is known for exceeding in arts, academics, and athletics. After a full day including classes, sport, and arts blocks, many students may choose to study, relax, or spend time with friends. Some, however, decide to go the extra-mile in their athletic commitment. 

After practices, a number of students head to the gym to improve their fitness and physical abilities. With assistance from the faculty supervisors/coaches, students learn new exercises and different ways to improve their workouts. There is also a course held every arts afternoon available for seniors that is focused on strength and conditioning called Varsity Training. Students receive structured workouts based on their current sports and/or interests, in hopes of improving their athletic abilities.

Sergey G, Privett ‘16, says “If I do something, I do it well. I put all my effort in whatever I do.” He does this by improving his deadlift record and setting higher goals. He is not alone. Everyday, Sergey and other students train to improve their fitness in the Varsity Gym. Treasure A, Whittall ‘18, is a hockey and rugby player who believes in living a “balanced and healthy lifestyle.” He also trains to “achieve personal fitness” to “excel in athletics”, and to “contribute to the Brentwood athletic community.”

Friendships are made, goals are set, and smashed; all this happens in the Varsity Gym. Whether it's testing your strength on the bench press, or pushing your lungs to aerobic capacity on the treadmill, boys and girls exercise in the varsity gym with a few ideas in mind: to improve their abilities, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Jamal H, Whittall ‘18 & Luis M, Privett ‘18

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