A Cup For Students

Thursday, June 16, 2022 -

On Saturday, June 4th, Brentwood’s top four golfers participated in the annual Rob Soukop Memorial Tournament held at the Cowichan Golf Club. This event can be won by anyone in our school golf program, and it’s the so-called last dance for some of Brentwoods golfers.

Those who took part in the competition this year were Gavyn K, Privett ‘22, Jagre K & Ned B, Privett ‘23 and Lucas K, Whittall ‘22. For Lucas and Gavyn, this was their last day of high school golf and they were both looking to get their names on the trophy. As for Ned and Jagre, they both were looking to win for the first time but they get another crack at it next year if things didn’t go their way.

The gang teed off in the early afternoon on Saturday in some very mediocre conditions. There was wind, rain, and even a little bit of sunshine that acted as some motivation to get through our round of golf.

At the halfway point the scores were Lucas even, Jagre plus one, Gavyn plus two, and Ned a little more. Lucas was playing pretty safe whereas the other guys perhaps felt like they had to play more aggressively in order to ‘catch the Captain’.

The back nine started smoothly and continued that way until they reached hole number fourteen. In the distance, they could see some wild animals that were too far away to be identified. Slowly, they made our way towards them and the green. Ultimately, they turned out to be pigs. Yes, two massive pigs minding their own business wondering what the heck the foursome was.

Jagre summed up the experience as “one that could only take place right here in the Cowichan Valley.” From that point on, the finish line was in sight. Lucas started to pull away and was ultimately able to hang on and claim his second Soukop Cup.

The final scores were Lucas minus one, Jagre plus five, Gavyn plus six, and Ned plus twelve. The day was very eventful and they could not have picked a better group of guys to spend it with, in their final competitive round of golf for ‘21-’22.

Head Coach Mr Warner said this at the end of term three golf. “Individual accomplishments were too many to list. The litmus test for the quality of this group really was their camaraderie and support of each other. In a sport where many teams infrequently practice together at the high school level, these Brentwood team members frequently practiced and played together on weekends and school breaks in addition to sport afternoons.”

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