A Colossal Comeback

Friday, March 18, 2016 - By: James S, Privett ‘18

On the pleasant Tuesday afternoon of April 26, the Junior Boys Rugby team had an underwhelming start to their game against Oak Bay High. We started off very rusty on defence and were missing tackle after tackle until finally we got tired of being embarrassed and we gained intensity and technique. 

Our defence got tighter after some motivation from our fantastic Captain, Jose G, Privett ‘18. Along with that, our pace-filled offense made some fantastic runs and we were starting to gain confidence.

We were unfortunate in the first 10 minutes of the game as we had to substitute off one of our hard-working forwards due to a bleeding nose and then later in the second half we also had to sub off one of our best wingers, Raul A, Whittall ‘19 due to a hard knock. He was then replaced by another great winger, Samuel M, Privett ‘18 who played one of his best games of the season.

At half we knew that Oak Bay was tired and we pushed ourselves to work harder and keep our heads in the game. Making a vow to ourselves that we would not let Oak Bay score another try, we finally scored our first try thanks to our hard-working Grade 9, Matty MP, Rogers ‘19. This motivated us to tie up the game and we did that after another try from the step master, Ciaran B, Whittall ‘19 and a hat trick from the machine, Oliver W, Privett ‘18. After we tied up the game a few more tries were scored by various players from both Brentwood and Oak Bay and the game ended 43-31 for us - it was an astonishing comeback. Compliments to the boys and their coaches on a character win over a determined and talented opponent.

James S, Privett ‘18

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