A Change of Pace: English 10 Genre Units

Monday, May 31, 2021 - By: Baya I, Hope ‘23

By the end of the year, the Brentwood Grade 10s are ready for a change. So, instead of staying in their regular English classes until summer, they get to choose between three genre units to study new topics for a couple of weeks. Grade 10 English at Brentwood is taught during A and B blocks only so there were two classes for each unit and students did the units in place of their regular English class blocks. “I had so much fun getting to work with new people!” says Jenny L, Alex ‘23.

The choices for the Grade 10s this year were “Hollywood Hits” (students make a Hollywood-style movie trailer), “Boom Goes the Dynamite” (they commentate a sports game), and “History in the Making” (they make a time capsule about COVID-19 for future generations). The 10s really enjoyed the change of pace whilst being able to choose what they wanted to study.

“Hollywood Hits” was taught by Ms Elizabeth Mullin and lots of unique movie trailers were created by the students. “I really liked this genre unit because it was a change of pace in the school year that was really refreshing and interesting,” says Aidan A, Rogers ‘23.

Boom Goes the Dynamite” was taught by Mr Toby Collis Handford and students had an awesome time making sports videos with their groups and commentating them. “It was a lot of fun to learn about the art of sports commentary. We had a chance to practice live commentary in class and to create a final project commentating an event of our choice” said Avik B, Privett ‘23.

“History in the Making” was taught by Ms Karen Hedquist and the Grade 10s made videos, slideshows and scrapbooks of COVID-19. “It was a fun way to shake up the classes and do something different. I got to make something meaningful that I can look back on in the future,” says Jack D, Privett ‘23.

The Brentwood Grade 10s had a great experience learning unique topics! Thanks to the English Department for this interesting change of pace.

Baya I, Hope ‘23

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