A Bravo For Brentwood’s Chicago

Saturday, March 05, 2022 - By: Neve M, Hope ‘23; Photo by Ginny C, Mack '23

This week brings one of the most spectacular gifts to the Brentwood campus. After six months of exhaustive preparation, extremely dedicated effort, and tremendous excitement, the Brentwood musical is finally ready. On Wednesday, March 2nd, Chicago, performed by Brentwood students themselves, enjoyed opening night on the front stage of the Killy Theatre.

After countless rehearsals until the watchful eyes of the ardent Mrs. Widenmaier, the performers and stage crew are finally ready to display their talents to staff, students, and the greater community. Tickets have been on sale for a number of weeks now, and as the level of anticipation dramatically rises, it's a surprise the public hasn’t busted down the gates to get an early look at the production.

This year’s musical features an audacious plot, set in the Jazz Age, displaying burlesque stars, murderers, strong female leads, and, certainly, a whole lot of jazz. “As the cast takes the stage, the story of Chicago comes to life, in spectacular colour. Every year, the new musical always seems to trump the previous one, but this iteration of Chicago is truly something special” praises Eamon R, Privett ‘22.

On Wednesday, the cast performed for the first time in front of other students, Allard House, Rogers House, and Alex House. On Thursday and Friday, the theatre is open to the public. Mack, Ellis, and Whittall will flock to the theatre on Thursday, and Hope and Privett will take their seats on Friday. Finally, on Saturday, all eyes will be locked on the Brentwood gates, as only the public comes streaming on campus to catch the final show. Friends, families, and all who desire to watch, will have the opportunity to witness the magic of Chicago.

“This Saturday, we will witness a fully sold-out theatre. The pressure will be on, as there will be few familiar faces in the audience, but that should make it all the more worthwhile” explains Henry V, Ellis ‘23.

Though as the excitement is high, and every attendee dons their best theatre dress, the question comes to mind. Why was the thrilling musical Chicago chosen? Out of thousands of options combed through by Mrs. Widenmaier, this specific musical displayed something that no others could. “The attraction of Chicago was the number of scenes that involved everyone in the cast. It is truly an ensemble show”, stated Mrs. Widenmaier.

The very reason the spotlight shines, the music booms, and the stage is filled with murderous animosity is all thanks to Mrs. Widenmaier’s articulate eye and the tremendous selection she made a whole year in advance.

Brentwood’s Chicago will surely go down in history, right beside Mrs. Edna Widenmaier, Ms. Amy Staples, Ms. Kim Plough, and Mr. Phil Newns. This musical surely wouldn’t be the same without their dignified leadership and the tireless hours of effort put in by the students of theatre pro, dance and musical.

The magic of Brentwood’s Chicago continues all week. Get excited.

Neve M, Hope ‘23

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