A Bad and Boujee Open House

Friday, January 24, 2020 - By: Chloe C, Allard ‘21; Photo by Holly Burton

It has been almost three weeks since winter break came to an end. The weather has been a little dreary, what with the snow and rain keeping us contained indoors. Classwork has been piling up, and we students needed a little distraction. Allard Open House was held on Saturday night and was the perfect opportunity for everyone to blow off some steam and let loose.

House Captain Georgia G, Allard ‘20 announced the theme in Thursday’s assembly along with a creative, entertaining introduction video. The prefects did a fantastic job promoting the Bad and Boujee theme by incorporating house flags and a fabulous array of clothing that demonstrated the theme.

Each Open House event offers different activities fitting the specific house and theme. This year, Allard offered a colorful dance floor, water pong, pizza, and soda for everyone. There was also a VIP room offered, where the participants could enjoy chocolate fondue, sparkling juice in very snazzy plastic champagne glasses, and a fun game of Wii. An extra two dollars donated to the school was the requirement for entrance into this enviable, fun room.

The house was filled throughout the night with students and staff alike who enjoyed the shindig. One of the hosts, Roisin B, Allard ‘21,  says “I enjoyed the opportunity to share my house with my friends, so they could have fun”. And fun was definitely had. One of the guests, Ethan H, Whittall ‘21, optimistically recounted that he “loved the theme idea; it was so original and the girls did an amazing job creating the vibe”.

The Allard girls and duty staff have a lot to be proud of, especially our Houseparent. This was Mrs Amiel’s first Open House as Houseparent and everyone agrees that she did a truly splendid job keeping things organized and fun. This was a successful, fantastic party, and a great way to let the students bond and relax. Coming up soon is Spirit Week, when even more fun things such as showcase games, dress-up days, and interhouse events will take place, so stay tuned!

Chloe C, Allard ‘21

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