4th Time’s The Charm

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - By: Ben O, Ellis ‘20; Photo by Sophie H, Hope '21

Through determination, sweat, and tears, the brother-sister house combination of Ellis and Mackenzie has won the Interhouse Cup for the past three years. This year, the champions have started strong and fast, winning the Eco-Challenge with a 5-minute gap in front of the second-place finishers, Alex-Whittall, and acquiring golden hardware in Bubble Soccer. This is no shock to the Brentwood community as, in recent years, Ellis and Mackenzie have taken control of the interhouse stage and - hopefully - will continue to for years to come.

The combination of Rogers and Allard has seen better days. My friends, Mathias D and Declan S, Rogers ‘20 stated that “When it comes to interhouse, it should be about fun and including everyone within the house rather than winning.” This opinion may be seen as an excuse because they haven’t been able to win the Cup in a long time.

But this just shows that the houses do differ in intensity. Hope and Privett, for example, who have been hot on the tail of the champs for years, are once again close behind the top dogs. They claim they will take us down this year but Liam O, Ellis ‘20, my twin brother, thinks differently: “It is unlikely that we will be caught. With the people in the house, and the mindset and attitude that have formed since the dawn of time, we will not only dominate this year, but for years to come.”

Led by Interhouse Co-Captain Jamie T, Ellis ‘20, and Captain Keeva O, the trophy will surely stay in the close grasp of the perpetual victors for years to come. It may seem like I am biased towards Ellis and Mackenzie - which is true - but I can comfortably say that every house is as inclusive and passionate as the next.

Wismer is Winning! Cheung is the Champ!

Ben O, Ellis ‘20

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