43rd Brentwood Regatta

Friday, April 05, 2013 - By: Debbie Sage

Brentwood College School is thrilled to be hosting its 43rd Annual International High School Rowing Regatta, the largest single school hosted event in North America. The Regatta runs for 3 days from Friday, April 26 at 2pm through Sunday April 28th to 2pm.

This event has been a mainstay on the Brentwood calendar since its inauguration and continues to attract teams from all parts of Canada, as well as Mexico, Australia, and the mid-west and western United States. In the past, it has also had teams participating from as far away as Europe and Asia. Last year, there were in excess of 4,000 people in attendance including over 1,700 athletes and coaches, over 250 volunteers and spectators from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. For those who have yet to attend, it is a wonderful event in which the entire school participates: Brentwood bands and choirs perform, the entrepreneur class runs businesses on the plaza, and there are performances throughout the weekend.

Parents and alumni who are attending are warmly invited to join us for a Brentwood Reception in the lobby of the Bunch Centre on Saturday April 27th, from 3:00-4:30pm.

Sustainability is a key pillar building on the efforts of the last four Brentwood Regattas, the school is once again promoting a comprehensive "Green" regatta. With the support of the local regional district and the help of a local Scout group and everyone who attends, we hope to significantly reduce the environmental impact of this huge event. The Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT) will have an information booth set up outside Crook's Dining Hall.


Racing runs from Friday, April 26 - 2pm to dusk, Saturday, April 27 - 7am to dusk and Sunday, 7am until 2pm.

During Saturday’s races at around 1:00pm there will be an 8+ christened as the A. C. Carr V and a double christened after Katerina Wechselberger, class of 2002 and member of the women's 4+ at the under 23, 2006 World Championships.

Some Useful Links

Regatta info: regatta.brentwood.bc.ca/regatta.html
Race times: regatta.brentwood.bc.ca/regatta/draw-and-race-schedule.html
Site map: regatta.brentwood.bc.ca/fileadmin/pdf/regatta_plazamap2011.pdf
Green regatta: regatta.brentwood.bc.ca/regatta/green-regatta.html

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