3D Art and Sculpture

Monday, May 14, 2018 -

Your first impression when you walk into the art room is that it looks like a small artistic apartment, so you feel like you’re at home. The atmosphere makes you happy; all around the room a lot of art work done by other students a long time ago is on display. The view from that classroom is incredible: ocean, mountains and trees - all perfect for art. 3D sculpting is not just an art where you have to make a sculpture of what your teacher wants you to, it’s an art class where all your ideas and all your artistic dreams can come true. It’s where imagination runs wild and you can make anything you want. You can be as creative and expressive as you want.

In 3D sculpting you have a big opportunity to learn how to cut wood with a saw, then how to make a different shape out of stone, and even make a huge cartoon house. You can have fun with your projects and it is a huge opportunity to express yourself.

3D sculpting is not just about artistic ability, it is about safety too. At the beginning of the year every single student in this class went through the safety rules together with Mr. Hunwick, because all of the materials and machines that we use in the classroom are potentially dangerous if you don’t know how to use them properly. But if these machines are used properly everyone is safe and can have fun creating things. The safety rules took us approximately 3 days, then we calmly started working on your projects where we could use the machines and materials safely. 

The first of our art shows took a place on November 23, right after American Thanksgiving dinner. It was incredible and beautiful. All the students got an opportunity to go, watch, and support all the work that their schoolmates had done. 

The second show, which all the art classes were preparing for, was during Regatta. The 3D sculpting class was given a topic, which was whatever you wanted. It was very interesting and a good learning experience. You could really see people's personalities through their art. Sculpting is a good way to show passion and talent. I could really see people's dedication to their art and the class. There are so many famous 3D sculptures of people that are all very different and original. They had been being made for a very long time. There are many without clothes, arms, heads, legs… the list goes on. There are so many unique things you could do while making a 3D sculpture. You could pretty much make anything, not just people. You could mix a pile of clay with some nails, wire, and paint and there you go, an original 3D sculpture. Obviously there is more thought and energy going into these sculpture projects, but that's just an example.

Mr. Hunwick teaches 3D sculpting and I don’t think you could find a more artistic person in the whole world. I’m always asking myself how do so many art ideas fit in his head. Every single time when you walk into the classroom Mr. Hunwick welcomes you with a big smile and it makes your day.

Maria S, Mackenzie ’20 

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