3D Art and Sculpture

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - By: Neha A, Mack ‘20

I came to Brentwood last year eager to experience its unique tripartite system that allows a student to juggle their academic goals, commit to their athletic ambitions, and turn their artistic fantasies into a reality. Amidst the gratifying chaos, the visual arts program allows my mind to escape from challenging assignments, and to pour my creativity into drawing, painting, and photography.

Entering my second year at Brentwood, I wanted to expand my knowledge of the captivating arts offered at the school. On a whim, I decided to sign up for 3D Art and Sculpture. Sasha K, Mack’20, said, “3D Art and Sculpture is the embodiment of versatile art, and anyone that takes it can succeed. It truly allows you to push your fears aside and try new things.” Despite the raving reviews, I still went into the first day with low expectations. I was, however,  pleasantly surprised to see the creative energy that buzzed by me in the form of students immersed in their work, speeding off to get something from the neighboring Makerspace to help them create an image ingrained in their minds.  

After experimenting with miscellaneous materials the first few days, I started a Halloween-themed project with Katie L, Mack ‘24. We were both fascinated with the idea of a bloody hand, so that is what we naively dove into creating. To us, casting, molding, and painting a limb was child’s play. However, the less naive mind of Mr Parent asked us to test one of our thumbs in order to become aware of how to use the materials. Thinking back to that day, I’ve already learned so much about the patience and perseverance 3D Art and Sculpture requires.

While Katie and I continue to work on our project, the diverse student body is working on their own independent projects. Katie stated that, “3D Art and Sculpture is where students get to showcase their talents. It’s not just about creativity, but also, art class provides us with a place to be independent and collaborative for projects with others.”

From zombie heads to coffins, everyone is doing something. 3D Art and Sculpture is an art class unlike any other in that it gives students the freedom to do what they please, while also teaching us how to work independently and manage our time. As I continue in my last year at Brentwood, I know that 3D Art and Sculpture will serve an important purpose in developing skills necessary to succeed, while also allowing me to express my creativity in a positive way. 3D Art and Sculpture truly captures all the qualities of a Brentwood student: grit, joy, and perseverance.

Neha A, Mack ‘20

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