3D Art and Sculpture

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - By: Mariia S, Mackenzie ’20

Your first impression when you walk into the art room is that it looks like a small artistic apartment, so you feel like you’re home. The atmosphere makes you happy. All around the room works of art created by other students from a long time ago are on display. The view from the classroom is incredible. The ocean, mountains, and trees are visible, perfect for art. 

3D sculpting is not just about artistic ability, it is about safety too. At the beginning of the year every student in the class went through the safety rules together with Mr. Hunwick, because some of the materials and machines that we use in the classroom are potentially dangerous if you don’t know how to use them properly. The safety rules took us approximately three days, then we calmly started working on our projects where we used the machines and materials safely. 

The first of our art shows took place on November 23, right after American Thanksgiving dinner. It was incredible and beautiful. All the students got an opportunity to go, watch, and support the work that their schoolmates had fabricated. Some of the students had comments about the art show. Kirstie Y, Mackenzie ’20 said, “I was truly amazed by the sculptures and the efforts put in by the various students.” 

The second show, which all the art classes were preparing for, was during Regatta, which was presented at the beautiful hall in The Centre for Art and Humanities. 3D sculpting class was given a choice to create whatever they wanted. It was very interesting and a good learning experience. You could really see people's personalities through their art. 

Sculpting is a good way to show passion and talent. I can really see people's dedication to their art and the class. 

Mariia S, Mackenzie ’20

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