21.1k Through the Heat of Oak Bay

Tuesday, June 06, 2017 - By: Nicholas P, Ellis ‘19

This past Sunday several Brentwood staff members and a student went to Victoria to compete in the Oak Bay Half Marathon. Even though it wasn’t a school organized event, many came to beat their time from last year and some came to participate for the first time.

I had never run a half marathon before, so I happily joined the first-time newbies. This event has been on my calendar for an eternity! When I was waiting at the busy startline for the starting signal, I was thinking about the last ten weeks of training, all concluding in this one peak event. 

It was the hottest day of the week and the sun was burning down on us. Still, all 10 of us made it over the finish line with many, including me, reaching their goal time.

After the race, we all picked up some of the free and delicious snacks to enjoy while sitting down in the shade.

Our results were as following:

Nicholas P, Ellis ‘19 - 1:44:50 

Ulrika Drevniok - 1:45:03 

Marilou Sullivan - 1:45:42 

Jenna Warner - 1:59:27 

Sue Cheung - 1:59:34 

Tess Hart - 2:01:37 

Cheryl Murtland - 2:01:40 

Robin Gage - 2:03:27 

Sarah Hall - 2:06:02 

Maraina Smith - 2:14:39 

Thanks to Ms. Hall for driving me to the event and Mr. Sullivan for organising my way back.

Nicholas P, Ellis ‘19

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