1st Annual Erg Competition

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - By: Emma H, Allard ‘18; Photo by Brian Carr

With the first Annual January Erg Competition over and done, Brentwood College School (BCS), Shawnigan Lake School (SLS) and St. Michaels University School (SMUS) have a base of where they are on the competitive spectrum. 

Brentwood’s new Head of Rowing, Ms Laryssa Biesenthal, decided to invite two of the local rowing schools to come over on a Sunday for some ‘fun’! With sweat dripping, coxswains screaming, and coaches biting their nails, the three hour event was a success. 

The Juniors pulled a 1500 meter test and the Seniors pulled 2000 meters. With some victories from all schools (as well as some disappointments) all athletes were reminded that it is only January and there is still lots of improvement to come! Some Brentwood students were able to walk away from this competition saying they have officially completed their very first erg test successfully! It was great to see athletes from all the schools cheering for their teammates with their school pride raging! As a famous Brentwood grad once said, “Spring Medals are won from winter training.” 

So, although it is only January, all BCS, SLS and SMUS rowers know that there is no time to slack off! Brentwood crews are now preparing for Monster Erg held at UVIC on February 3rd as well as the first regatta of the busy season in March. 

Emma H, Allard ‘18

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