Hope is the New Black

Oct 13, '15

Last Saturday, as the sun began to set, Brentwood’s esteemed students traded in their uniforms for striped attire and aviators that reflected the vibrant strobe lights of Hope’s first open house. For many of Brentwood’s students, this was their first time seeing the inside of the new girls’ residence and for all but eleven of the Hope girls this was their first time hosting an open house. The...

Dum Anima Est, Spes Est

Sep 02, '15

June ‘15 marks the end of the co-ed duplex affectionately called Rope. 10s: “Absurdity and anti-absurdity are the two poles of creative energy.” Lagerfeld encapsulate the 10s. Six girls strong, they sounded and ran around like 100. Lily was our lovely Mona Lisa; Alva attacked her houseparent. Sasha’s impression of “whipping” was unforgettable;...

Apr 29, '15
New Hope House


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