43rd Brentwood Regatta

Apr 05, '13

Brentwood College School is thrilled to be hosting its 43rd Annual International High School Rowing Regatta, the largest single school hosted event in North America. The Regatta runs for 3 days from Friday, April 26 at 2pm through Sunday April 28th to 2pm. This event has been a mainstay on the Brentwood calendar since its inauguration and continues to attract teams from all parts of Canada, as...


Apr 05, '13

The relationship between advisor and advisee is recognized as a key connection for new students particularly and one that can put them on the road to success at the school, academically and socially. Usually advisors are also linked to the House their advisees are in and they do a night of prep duty in the house where they can answer questions...

Apr 05, '13
Campus Update
Apr 05, '13
Athletics Update
Apr 05, '13
Up the Down Staircase
Apr 05, '13
Global Mindedness


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