Under the Sea: Brentwood’s Artificial Reefs

Apr 07, '23

Over the past couple of months, students of Life Sciences 11 have been collaborating with the pottery studio to create artificial reefs for marine life living in the ocean waters around Brentwood. Artificial reefs are human-made structures that are designed to mimic the structure and function of natural reefs. They can be constructed from a...

Drawing and Painting -Il"Luna"nating Great Art

Apr 01, '23

Every arts afternoon, talented Brentwood artists wander into the studios to do work that displays the rhythmic strokes of the paintbrush on colourful canvas. In the four blocks of Drawing and Painting, new and experienced artists work to develop their artistic abilities and explore their creativity. Mr John Luna is the Drawing and Painting...

AP Studio Art, Survival of the Artsiest

Nov 26, '22

Arts afternoons at Brentwood include a vast array of classes for various skill levels and artists. One might wonder, however, where the best of the best artists go to create and showcase their finest works. The AP Studio Art class is an amazing and rigorous course that allows our top students to exercise their artistic abilities at a professional...

Arts Beat

Jun 08, '22

The Killy Stage curtain has closed on our successful performance season after Concert for a Summer’s Eve drew rave reviews from students and patrons this past weekend. Instruments are being readied for the journey home. Here is the final tally of awards for our ensemble groups. Coming back for live performances with an audience was such an...

Drawing & Painting Has a Storybook Ending

May 08, '22

The final project of any art at Brentwood is extremely important. After the paintbrushes are put away, the cameras returned, the instruments disassembled, the last artistic venture stays remembered by all. The melancholic end to an art class can be quite daunting for some. Lucky for them, artistry is all around. As summer blooms, colours emerge...

May 3rd, The Big Day

Apr 17, '22

Due dates. Something Brentwood students and staff are more than familiar with. On my calendar, I have the following: (from least to most important) April 20th - AP micro test May 10th - AP Micro exam May 12th - AP English exam May 3rd - Yearbook Due Since September Mr Ganley, Ms Rusman, and a group of 14 dedicated students have spent...


Mar 30, '22

Spring brings blossoms and sun to the campus, a fitting backdrop for our final showcases for both visual and performing arts programs. Most of the music ensembles will have been gearing up for provincial competitions in April, so the end-of-term shows on campus that follow are an opportunity to see these winning ensembles at their best, live in...

Handbuilt Pottery is a Problem-Solving Program

Feb 15, '22

Tucked away in the quaint, ocean-side corner of the Arts Building lies a room filled to the brim with good times and lots of clay. Not to be confused with the larger room which holds ceramics, handbuilt pottery is held in an intimate space adjacent. Handbuilt pottery students can be seen milling around on Arts afternoon, plastered not only with...

Thanksgiving & Art

Dec 04, '21

On Thursday, November 25th, we students of Brentwood gathered for American Thanksgiving dinner. Earlier in the day, our supreme leader, Mr Patel, gathered with us in the Bunch Theater to discuss his traditional “Thankful For Top 10 List” which ended on a positive note informing the school we would be feasting at our annual American Thanksgiving...

Grey Days are for Drawing and Painting

Nov 21, '21

Brentwood’s arts days display a kaleidoscope of creative skills. Walking down the hall of the Arts Building provides a view of students building sculptures, working on pottery wheels, capturing moments on cameras, and so much more. Of all the art options available, Drawing and Painting has been the most popular choice among students for years....

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