Arts Captains Commissioned!

Oct 13, '21

With the conviction that creativity fosters wellness, imagination, community and joy, Brentwood proudly offers a diverse range of arts across four periods each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. To optimize these opportunities, a cadre of student Arts Captains lead their peers and support teachers in their individual art programs. It is...

Inside The Yearbook

Oct 13, '21

Classes have finished, lunch has finished, and now it is time for real creativity to spark and burst into flame. Brentwood provides its students with a plethora of arts ranging from Public Speaking and Musical Theatre to Pottery and 3D Art. Many of these classes will encourage students to focus on one or two skills such as the critical...

Arts Afternoons Extravaganza

Oct 04, '21

Arts are a key pillar of the tripartite program at Brentwood. With choices available in performing arts, technical arts, visual arts as well as debate & public speaking, there is something for everyone to explore. Facilities cater to experiences ranging from robotics to dance. On arts days, students can enjoy up to four hour-long blocks of arts,...

And We're Off!

Sep 13, '21

Week one is in the books. Last Sunday the members of the Student Executive Council arrived. Monday brought the Orientation Assistants. Tuesday the all-important New Students. Thursday the veterans. Friday was first classes and Eco-Challenge. Saturday featured morning classes and an afternoon of athletics. The water, courts, fields, trails &...

Printed, Pressed, And The Biggest Book Yet

May 30, '21

After eight months of determined hard work, the yearbook team is proud to announce that the largest book in Brentwood history has been completed - in one of the strangest years. The final week of production turned into a blur of frenzied editing, excited meetings to visualize the final product, and last minute page number mix ups. Thanks to the...

Achievements & Illusion

Apr 23, '21

Tomorrow, the Illusion Art Show is opening in the Centre for Arts & Humanities. Our visual artists have worked really hard, and it would mean a lot if you stopped by and had a look. Please refer to Mrs. Widenmaier’s email sent out on Tuesday for cohort times! Our Vocal Jazz Ensemble, AcousChicks, received the Greater Victoria Performing Arts...

Senior Play: On Stage & Together

Apr 03, '21

This year’s Senior Play cast and crew have been hard at work in the Killy Theatre. I can speak first hand to the efforts of the cast as they have been crafting their characters, running their lines, and practicing non-stop for the upcoming Brentwood debut of She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen. Houses will be watching the pre-recorded show in their...

Bringing the Killy Theatre to Your Home

Mar 13, '21

The Brentwood Broadcasting team serves a pivotal role in making theatre events available for the school, and is run by Mr Minkler assisted by Mr McPherson. COVID-19 has made in-person experiences for Brentwood performances impossible to showcase, forcing the broadcasting team to transition their practices to a semi-virtual system. Though they have...

Snowball Art Show: A Very Special Addition

Jan 20, '21

Over the past few weeks, Brentwood has had the very special opportunity of housing a collection of works from Canadian artist David Blackwood in the Southam Gallery of the Arts Building. These works were front and center during the Art Show, hosted by Mr and Mrs Luna, which was held during Snowball. On Saturday, each learning group had about half...

Capture, Layout, Caption, Repeat

Nov 21, '20

Don’t duck, don’t walk away, don’t stick your tongue out, please don’t make any inappropriate gestures, don’t move at the last second, smile for the camera, oh, but make sure it looks candid! Welcome to the life of a Yearbooker. Every year, it is the responsibility of the Yearbook team, composed of a small group of determined Grade 10, 11...

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