Yeah, Young Eddie Here!

Apr 14, '20

On the first day of spring break, four tenacious young filmmakers headed off early to Vancouver to attend an award ceremony featuring their prized rap video. The journey to this point was tough: many green screens were straightened, too many bars were spat, and too much skill was exhibited. Nonetheless, the work had paid off and this was their big...

Interhouse Mascot Paint In

Jan 23, '20

Having returned from the December Break, students are eager to join classes and contribute to their houses by participating in new interhouse events. This year, students and Mr Luna have organized an event calling artists from every house to showcase their painting skills in the new Interhouse Paint In Challenge. This event requires artists to...

Graphic Design Greatness

Dec 16, '19

One thing people normally think about graphic design is ‘Oh yeah, you only create posters and drawings all the time’ but let me explain to you what this class really is. When I had my first class, I was happily surprised. Nobody was using any pencil or paint. Instead, they were using Photoshop, a very powerful digital tool capable of letting you...

The Perfect Art to Relax Into

Nov 17, '19

Brentwood provides its students opportunities to express themselves - and do what they love - as well as allow us to explore other paths. Most people would agree that doing art work is another way to relax your mind without any competitive situation, or any anxiety that is created when dealing with academic work. Art is a big part of our...

One Hour Full of Wood

Nov 09, '19

Woodworking is my favourite art. It's perfect to be creative and to just implement your thoughts. The course takes place in the basement floor of the Arts building. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon we start the class with the teachers, Mr. Parent and Ms. Ramsey who have thoughts and tricks to build something. Afterward an...

Brentwood Through Our Lenses

Oct 23, '19

With all of the events and activities at Brentwood, I find that memories often get lost in time. In Brentwood Broadcast we quite literally “broadcast” Brentwood to the world. We share the memories. Since we are a global school, it's often hard to keep in touch with the extended Brentwood family. Broadcasting is a medium in which the students...

Ceramics Gets Started

Oct 18, '19

Pottery has been a big draw for students from 9th grade to 12th alike. Taught at Brentwood for the past twenty-two years by Ms Peggy Elmes, pottery has been and continues to be a passion of hers, one she hopes she can pass on to her students. Just six weeks into term one, students new to the class are learning the fundamentals of pottery, and...

3D Art and Sculpture

Oct 15, '19

I came to Brentwood last year eager to experience its unique tripartite system that allows a student to juggle their academic goals, commit to their athletic ambitions, and turn their artistic fantasies into a reality. Amidst the gratifying chaos, the visual arts program allows my mind to escape from challenging assignments, and to pour my...

Art History Field Trip

May 11, '19

There is an indescribably visceral feel about experiencing an art work. For those of us who have been studying art and the history of art for the last eight months, the ability to finally see some of the works, in all of their glory, was truly amazing. On Friday, twelve students from both the AP Studio Art and AP Art History class ventured all...

Luminosity - The Regatta Art Show

May 08, '19

Every year, Brentwood hosts the annual Regatta to showcase our talented rowing teams, as well as host teams from around Canada and internationally. However, Brentwood also showcases the extraordinary artwork that students have created throughout the year, a true representation of the tripartite program that is so unlike any other school, and is...

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