“Mamma Mia” - The Winner Takes it All

Jan 24, '23

2023 is upon us and the bustle of second term is in full swing. This is an eventful term for Brentwood’s Arts program and is famously known in our theatre company as “Musical Season” says Head Prefect Tommy M, Privett ‘23. The musical team has chosen to perform a spectacular showing of “Mamma Mia!” With its catchy soundtrack based on ABBA...

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s the Great 8s!

Dec 22, '22

As the chaos of the transition from first to second term ensues, there is one thing every former Brentwood Grade 8 student looks forward to: the Grade 8 Musical. While the rest of the 9-12 students spend their November running Uptown and going to Open Houses, the Grade 8s are hard at work in the studio to produce a musical that is nothng short...

Brentwood Takes on NYC

Dec 04, '22

For the November Midterm Break this year students taking dance or musical were offered the opportunity to spend five days in New York City. It was a dazzling week of city lights, Broadway shows, and new experiences. The trip started off bright and early at 5:30 am. We met in the Bunch Centre dance studio equipped with overpacked suitcases,...

Oh Mamma Mia! Brentwood Has Started Musical

Nov 16, '22

After an eventful two months of Interhouse competitions, full-school events and much more, first term is almost at an end. To the many busy students around campus, first term seems extremely short, but it is actually the longest. Amid the sunny days of the term, rest assured that Brentwood’s musical for this year, Mamma Mia, got underway and...

Cole Stole the Stage

Apr 28, '22

When I think of the remarkable Arts program at Brentwood, I think of the girl who never fails to amaze the audience, our Assistant Head Prefect of Arts, Robin C, Alex ‘22. Not only has Robin been in five theatrical productions throughout her time here, but she has also been an inspiration and role model for her peers on and off the stage. Robin...

A Bravo For Brentwood’s Chicago

Mar 05, '22

This week brings one of the most spectacular gifts to the Brentwood campus. After six months of exhaustive preparation, extremely dedicated effort, and tremendous excitement, the Brentwood musical is finally ready. On Wednesday, March 2nd, Chicago, performed by Brentwood students themselves, enjoyed opening night on the front stage of the Killy...

It’s Almost Show Time

Feb 13, '22

The time is coming. In just over two weeks, our musical theatre company will be performing Chicago under the bright lights of the Killy Theatre. Everyone involved has been working tirelessly since September on this production, and from Wednesday, March 2 through Saturday, March 5, they will finally be able to perform. Despite uncertainty and...

Welcome Back, Brentwood!

Jan 18, '22

After three weeks away, 2022 at Brentwood has begun and our student body has made its way back to campus after a well-deserved winter break. Due to various travel issues, we do not yet have every Brentonian back in Mill Bay, but we are incredibly grateful to be able to return to school and continue to enjoy in-person learning. As we all know,...

Recent Excitement from the Killy Theatre

Nov 25, '21

As the impish Grade 8s go about their year in a spacious ocean-view classroom in the Bunch Centre, along with what some might call a rigorous homework load and faced with the looming specter of beginning of high school in September, they are assigned a task as a class to explore the life of theatre. Although some may like participating and some...

Arts Captains Commissioned!

Oct 13, '21

With the conviction that creativity fosters wellness, imagination, community and joy, Brentwood proudly offers a diverse range of arts across four periods each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. To optimize these opportunities, a cadre of student Arts Captains lead their peers and support teachers in their individual art programs. It is...

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