Arts Captains Commissioned!

Oct 13, '21

With the conviction that creativity fosters wellness, imagination, community and joy, Brentwood proudly offers a diverse range of arts across four periods each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. To optimize these opportunities, a cadre of student Arts Captains lead their peers and support teachers in their individual art programs. It is...

Arts Afternoons Extravaganza

Oct 04, '21

Arts are a key pillar of the tripartite program at Brentwood. With choices available in performing arts, technical arts, visual arts as well as debate & public speaking, there is something for everyone to explore. Facilities cater to experiences ranging from robotics to dance. On arts days, students can enjoy up to four hour-long blocks of arts,...

Arts Behind The Scenes

Oct 01, '21

There are many Arts in the third arm of Brentwood’s Tripartite Program and Performing Arts have a big impact on our school’s atmosphere. Some examples of these arts are dance, musical theatre, senior play, and a wide range of musical endeavours. Our Arts Program also contains physical, hands-on arts such as drawing and painting, pottery,...

TURN It Up For Competitive Dance!

Sep 30, '21

A cool breeze rushed through the open doors of the studio as the sounds of tap shoes echoed around the room. The five dancers followed behind instructor Ms Staples as they worked through the choreography. One of Brentwood’s first dance classes on a sport afternoon was underway. This year, for the first time, Brentwood is giving students the...

And We're Off!

Sep 13, '21

Week one is in the books. Last Sunday the members of the Student Executive Council arrived. Monday brought the Orientation Assistants. Tuesday the all-important New Students. Thursday the veterans. Friday was first classes and Eco-Challenge. Saturday featured morning classes and an afternoon of athletics. The water, courts, fields, trails &...

An Evening of Dance

May 08, '21

As the Brentwood year comes to an end, art shows and performances are in abundance. One of these came to the students and staff last night, May 7th, in the form of a beautiful dance show. As the students gathered in their common rooms to enjoy the show, the Evening of Dance began. Some art shows such as this revolve around a theme; in this...


May 07, '21

This evening, each house will be gathering in their respective multipurpose rooms, common rooms, or lecture theatres to watch this year’s Evening of Dance. Wave is a show made up of all levels of dancers (novice, intermediate and advanced) and created by the accomplished and adored Ms Staples. There will be group dances, solos, self choreography;...

Achievements & Illusion

Apr 23, '21

Tomorrow, the Illusion Art Show is opening in the Centre for Arts & Humanities. Our visual artists have worked really hard, and it would mean a lot if you stopped by and had a look. Please refer to Mrs. Widenmaier’s email sent out on Tuesday for cohort times! Our Vocal Jazz Ensemble, AcousChicks, received the Greater Victoria Performing Arts...

Inspiration is a Ms Staples' Staple

Nov 01, '20

What would Svetlana do? a sign asks us dancers, as we walk into the dance studio. Signifying work ethic, Svetlana Zakharova acts as an inspiration for the dancers; whether striving to master our triple pirouettes, stretching vigorously until all three splits are achieved, or even just improving our technique, Svetlana reigns the classroom. There...

Arts Captains Commissioned!

Oct 13, '20

With the conviction that creativity fosters wellness, imagination, community and joy, Brentwood proudly offers a diverse range of arts across four hour-long periods each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. In the emotionally challenging time of the pandemic, these virtues are of heightened importance. To optimize these opportunities, a...

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