Sports Rehabilitation

Jan 23, '22

Sustaining an injury during the peak of an athletic season can be a huge let down to an aspiring athlete, especially with recovery times that often last weeks, months, or potentially years. Luckily, Brentwood students can be reassured that there is a support team at their backs in case an injury occurs. Thanks to the amazing facilities provided...

Junior A Volleyball

Jan 11, '22

The team was grateful to be able to play games once again. Volleyball is a sport which the whole team loves, so everyone came to practice with eager minds. The dynamic continually amazed me, as it was one like no other. Every teammate and coach became close friends and supported each other. We started off with an invitational tournament at VIU,...

Junior B Volleyball

Dec 18, '21

And just like that, the Junior B Volleyball team's season is over. We came out on top at the CVIAA Championships but that did not come without us learning a ton. Throughout the season we worked on several aspects of the game, and we learned so much. Every practice, game, and tournament came as learning experiences for all of us. The biggest...

Finishing Fourth at Provies

Dec 14, '21

To round out their season, the Senior A Volleyball team headed to Mennonite Educational Institute, or MEI, in Abbotsford for Provincials from December 9 to 11. The girls qualified for this tournament by gutting out several victories at Islands and finishing second to Saint Michaels University School. ​​We beat all odds to qualify for Provincials...

The Road to Provies

Dec 10, '21

As the countdown begins for what may seem the most anticipated break of the year, academics are full speed ahead, and students are knee deep, drowning in end-of-term assessments. Term 1 sport is now in our rear view mirror with one exception - our Senior A Volleyball team. While our community embraces the holiday spirit, sipping away at some...

Wrapping Up a Great Season

Dec 04, '21

There’s no better way to celebrate a sport season full of great accomplishment and growth than a pizza party and ice cream social - so the Brentwood Volleyball teams did just that. Last Monday all teams in Brentwood Volleyball gathered in the Foote Field House, teary-eyed, to conclude a wonderful season full of volleyball. This season was...

A Third of the Way There

Nov 26, '21

As the 2021-22 Brentwood experience is now reaching the two and a half month mark, Term 1 sport is officially coming to an end. The weather is starting to take a turn for the worse making this the perfect time for many students to make the transition from outdoor to indoor athletics. The stomping of cleats on Brentwood’s fields will soon turn to...

No Rest for Brentwood Volleyball

Nov 22, '21

While the rest of the school headed off for a restful break, the Brentwood Volleyball team geared up for a big couple of weeks ahead. Postponing our break for two days, we competed in North Islands last weekend. There we earned a position to compete starting Friday in Victoria at Islands at St Michaels University School where we hope to secure a...

Senior A Volleyball Takes on North Islands

Nov 17, '21

As Midterm Break began and many Brentwood students packed their bags to head home, 10 athletes from the Senior A Girls Volleyball team stayed behind to participate in their first playoff tournament of the year: North Islands. Brentwood and five other AA schools from north of Victoria participated in the tournament which was hosted by John Barsby...

Crazy Brentwood Classic

Oct 30, '21

Fall sports are competitive, intense, and enjoyable, but there are not many sports quite as competitive, intense, and enjoyable as Varsity Volleyball. A sport where you repeatedly, and voluntarily, throw yourself on the floor, play after play - all just for a single point - and get up every time, maybe a little bruised and battered, but never with...

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