Term 1 Basketball During COVID

Oct 29, '20

Sports are usually a low priority during a global pandemic, however here at Brentwood students make sure sports are the second most important thing - after academics of course. Basketball during COVID has been a challenge, but playing with mitigation strategies is way better than not playing at all. COVID has made basketball practices...

Bronze at BCs

May 01, '20

For a certain group of individuals, the last thing we remember before going on our indefinite break from school is travelling over to the Langley Event Center to battle against BC’s bests. Our Sr. Boys Basketball team started their journey back in November. They hosted the ISA tournament at the start of November and though the results weren’t...

Jr B Boys Basketball

Apr 09, '20

This season’s edition of the Grade 9/Jr B Boys Basketball team was the shortest in recent memory - by physical stature. Their height, however, belied the strength of their fellowship as this group of 16 boys forged their way onward against taller opponents en route to a 22 win and 9 loss season record. In the Jr B CVIAA league, the team finished...

Junior A Boys Basketball

Apr 04, '20

The Junior A Boys had a very successful season starting with the Victoria Tip-Off Tournament where we narrowly lost the final to the #1 BC team, Walnut Grove. This hinted at a bright future. We went undefeated in the league racking up many points against all of our opponents. We also played the #1, 3, 5, and 6 teams in BC. We played very good...

Historic Season for Junior Girls Basketball

Apr 04, '20

This was a historic year for Junior Girls Basketball. Many of these devoted young women met every Wednesday night throughout the fall to start building on their skills. Once the real season began in November, they were ready to go, leaping into the first two tournaments of the year. The squad was deep enough to field two teams. One played in...

One Last Dance

Apr 02, '20

While the final days of second term were coming to a close, the Senior Boys Basketball team ventured over the pond, to the Lower Mainland, to play in the 75th Annual Senior Boys Provincial Championship at the Langley Events Centre. On March 4th, the team - led by their beloved driver, Richie, left class early to head over in the hopes of capping...

Junior B Boys Basketball

Apr 02, '20

Our Junior B Boys Basketball team this year consisted of multiple league games, tournaments, and long, noisy bus rides - which seemed to be Mr Warner’s favourite. The season began with the Mid Island League where we posted a record of 6-1 and won the playoffs against season rivals Shawnigan thanks to some late-game heroics from Jagre K, Privett...

Junior Girls Basketball Provincial Tournament

Mar 27, '20

Ten basketball players, two coaches, one Laurel and everyone’s favourite bus driver, Richy, became a family and made unforgettable memories all in just one week in late February! The Junior Girls Basketball team travelled over to Langley on Tuesday, February 24th to make Brentwood’s first appearance EVER at the Provincial Tournament. Already...

The Little Team That Did (Qualify for Islands)

Mar 23, '20

The Senior Girls Basketball team had a very successful season. With many new players coming in and a new coach (Mr Vittorio Pasquale) nobody really knew what to expect of our team. In the end, we did something the Senior Girls Basketball team hasn't done in a long time - qualify for islands! Despite the outstanding last three games the team...

Wrapping Up History

Mar 19, '20

Everyone has a dream, some people have hopes, and the Brentwood Junior Girls Basketball team had a goal. Since the begining of last season, the Junior Girls team has had a goal of making it to provincials in 2020, and a certain group of astonishing athletes, coaches and people made that goal happen. It takes a particular mindset for an athlete...

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