Bumped and Bruised - But Not Beaten

Apr 26, '22

“Everyone gets knocked down, but champions get back up and try again” observed Dylan Cady. And try again we did. After a convincing 3-2 win last Thursday, at home, against AAAA Cowichan High the Brentwood Bale made their way to SMUS to face some of their fiercest competition yet. After multiple early-season, almost career-ending, nearly fatal...

Senior Soccer is a Sensation

Apr 22, '22

You might have noticed a handful of mysterious absences and an abundance of tracksuits traveling around the campus recently. If you were curious enough to question these occurrences, the rugby team may have crossed your mind first, or the basketball team, or even the tennis team. With a plethora of sports teams operating all third term long, it is...

Senior Girls Soccer’s Ice Breakers

Apr 17, '22

The ground thawed and the grass grew greener and, not long after, the field was covered by over forty girls, excited for the soccer season. After two years of perpetual cancellations due to the pandemic, the season was finally given the green light. And what better way to start the season than a weekend packed with soccer? The weekend...

Soaring Soccer Spirits

Apr 12, '22

After two years of a complete lack of competitive soccer games, our girls’ soccer team was full of emotion and pride at the 10:30 am kick-off at our first tournament game on Thursday, April 7th. From the time we met in the change room pre-game, until the whistle blew at the end of the 90 minute game, the girls were positive, encouraging, and...

Athletics Update

Mar 30, '22

Welcome back from a well-deserved vacation, Brentwood. I hope you are ready for the busiest athletics term of the year! Before we look ahead, however, let’s look back at athletic program seasons that came to an end just before Spring Break. In February, our hockey teams wrapped up their seasons in dramatic fashion as they hosted our annual...

Sports Rehabilitation

Jan 23, '22

Sustaining an injury during the peak of an athletic season can be a huge let down to an aspiring athlete, especially with recovery times that often last weeks, months, or potentially years. Luckily, Brentwood students can be reassured that there is a support team at their backs in case an injury occurs. Thanks to the amazing facilities provided...

Brentwood’s Athletic Hub

Oct 25, '21

When you first walk onto campus, the Foote Athletic Centre is a prominent feature of the school. With a weight room, several squash courts, a rock-climbing wall, a rehabilitation centre, and one of the purest basketball courts on the island, this athletic centre is not like that of your typical high school. This time of year it is a happening...

And We're Off!

Sep 13, '21

Week one is in the books. Last Sunday the members of the Student Executive Council arrived. Monday brought the Orientation Assistants. Tuesday the all-important New Students. Thursday the veterans. Friday was first classes and Eco-Challenge. Saturday featured morning classes and an afternoon of athletics. The water, courts, fields, trails &...

Mr Wesley Barrett Esquire

Apr 27, '21

Mr Wesley Barrett, coach, Assistant Houseparent, and according to Oscar L, Ellis ‘23 “The sleekest man on campus.” Born and raised in Richmond, BC Mr Barrett grew up with two brothers, playing soccer for provincial and youth Whitecaps teams as a “modest soccer player.” While provincial soccer and Whitecaps are the highest level of soccer in...

The Crown Prince: Mr Toby Collis Handford

Apr 10, '21

Being a new teacher at Brentwood can be a difficult and intimidating task. It becomes all the more difficult when you are expected to live up to a name that is royalty at the school. The Collis name is the stuff of legend here at Brentwood, and it takes an extraordinary man with extraordinary talents to not only handle that pressure, but thrive...

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