Mr Wesley Barrett Esquire

Apr 27, '21

Mr Wesley Barrett, coach, Assistant Houseparent, and according to Oscar L, Ellis ‘23 “The sleekest man on campus.” Born and raised in Richmond, BC Mr Barrett grew up with two brothers, playing soccer for provincial and youth Whitecaps teams as a “modest soccer player.” While provincial soccer and Whitecaps are the highest level of soccer in...

The Crown Prince: Mr Toby Collis Handford

Apr 10, '21

Being a new teacher at Brentwood can be a difficult and intimidating task. It becomes all the more difficult when you are expected to live up to a name that is royalty at the school. The Collis name is the stuff of legend here at Brentwood, and it takes an extraordinary man with extraordinary talents to not only handle that pressure, but thrive...

The Brentwood Turf

Feb 18, '21

The Brentwood turf is used daily for a variety of purposes, including athletics, events, and socializing. On arts afternoons and Sundays, many use the turf to play soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, rowing, and more. Even campus families get involved. Mr Smith’s son, Sebba, observed, “On the turf, you can run real fast!” In 2019 the Brentwood...

Cold Feet

Feb 09, '21

Throughout Brentwood’s winter term, many sport activities are offered with the majority of students taking part in their favorite kind of athletic activity. Among the most notable of these offerings are basketball, ice hockey, and soccer. These three host the majority of the school’s students. This year I chose to take part in soccer like lots of...

Fall Athletic Awards

Feb 07, '21

It is my pleasure to be presenting the Term 1 competitive team awards. It has definitely been an unusual start to the year with our teams not in action with other schools. Nonetheless, despite the lack of competition, we have some very deserving winners as their service and leadership has probably been more critical than ever. I would ask that...

The Infallible Junior Footballers

Jan 21, '21

When you think of Junior Boys Soccer, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some, it could be the combination of speed and skill possessed by Avik B. For others, it is the sheer quad strength and shot power of none other than Youki I, and for a small number, it is Davis P. This year, we saw it all. Although we were not able to play in...

Senior Boys Soccer

Jan 03, '21

This fall, the Brentwood Soccer boys were challenged with an extremely unusual set of circumstances. With not a single competitive match played, one could assume that the spirit of the team was dulled, however, this could not be further from the truth. The boys were able to work through drills and in-cohort games that led to fierce competition to...

The Things I Saw During Soccer Skills

Dec 18, '20

There are few things at Brentwood that are inevitable. Sign-ins. Saturday classes. SAC events each week. And Mr Barrett’s presence every sports afternoon, leading the soccer program, September through June. As we transition from term one to two, the sun doesn’t set on the soccer program as we seamlessly move from term one boys’ competitive soccer...

Sports: An Integral Part of Brentwood

Dec 03, '20

Exercise is crucial for our physical and mental health. Whether it’s just a short walk around the block or hours of intense rowing, it will make a difference in your life. Here at Brentwood, we value athletics as a crucial part of our curriculum. Being physically fit helps our students become happy and healthy individuals. Not everyone loves to...

First Term Sport: The Same, But Different

Nov 23, '20

As first term sport comes to an end and students look beyond the horizon and into the frenzied world of term two, let’s take a moment to look back at the highlights of an athletic term unlike any other. First term - for three sports programs here at Brentwood - is usually jam-packed with games and competitive action, so the COVID-19 pandemic has...

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