Kamloops Indian Residential School Discovery of Remains

Jun 26, '21

Kamloops is located at the bisection of the Thompson River. When driving from Vancouver, the Trans-Canada Highway descends into this dry, windy city. As drivers enter the city, they have a choice of crossing the river to follow the North Thompson River along Highway 5 (also known as the Yellowhead Highway) towards places like Clearwater and...

Photographers Take on Ye'yumnuts Ancient Site

Jun 06, '21

On May 28th, 19 of Brentwood’s finest photographers, ranging from wide-eyed Grade 10s who had picked up a camera for the first time ever this September, to award-winning Grade 12s, hopped on a yellow school bus in the Crooks parking lot. We sailed along Highway #1 for 30 minutes out to Duncan and reached the Somenos Garry Oak Protected Area and...

The Final Boss: AP Exams

May 12, '21

This is it, folks. From Tuesday, May 4th, to Wednesday May 26th, Brentwood students, primarily in grades 11 and 12 (with the exception of some extra brainy juniors), will be furiously writing AP exams, which will test them on everything they have been learning over the year (and in some cases, two years) in their specific AP course. These exams,...

A Fair Covid Spring

May 07, '21

Although Brentwood was not able to host the annual regatta for the second year in a row, the school was still able to create a fun event for the Brentwood community. The first annual Spring Fair allowed both students and staff the unique opportunity to experience a weekend of fun activities in the midst of a busy 2020-21 school year. The fair...

Friday Fun Fair Full of Food

Apr 24, '21

As the final bell rang on Friday afternoon, I figuratively picked up the Alex House Captain, and we made our way over toward the Foote Centre to begin a journey far more intense, and life-altering than either of us could have imagined. That’s right. We were on a mission to taste-test every single one of the Entrepreneurship 12 booths. We began...

AP World History: Where the World Goes To Class

Apr 22, '21

Taught by Ms Cuk and livened by an enthusiastic group of history buffs, AP World History is a class that will make history. This is the first year Brentwood has offered this course as part of the academic selections and, so far, it has been a success. This class of sixteen students, including myself, has been hard at work since September. From...

AP Comparative Government & Politics

Apr 18, '21

Brentwood offers a wide variety of engaging academics courses and encourages students to explore more complex subjects through the Advanced Placement (AP) program. One of the many courses that allow more high-level topics to be explored is Comparative Government & Politics. Led by Ms Sharon Hall, or Madame Hall as she is known to her French...

Human Geography 12

Feb 21, '21

Over the course of the past six months, Mr Carr has turned what you might, at first, think to be just another social studies course filled with kids struggling to stay awake while their teacher mumbled on about some world war, into a fun, interactive course about the politics and geographics of people around the globe. We have had multiple...

Never a Dull Moment In I2B

Feb 19, '21

If you were to ask the average Grade 10 student at Brentwood to draw you a supply and demand graph, I’d bet the majority of them would stare blankly back at you. That is, all the Grade 10 population, minus the 40 or so lucky learners who decided to take Introduction to Business (I2B) this year as their elective. The class is taught by the...

Ms Nasmith - Teacher, Coach, Houseparent, Hiker

Feb 16, '21

Not only is Ms Nasmith a Learning Centre teacher and a Mackenzie Houseparent, but she’s also a close friend and a second mom to many. You should try her lemon squares! She started her Brentwood career in 2016 working part-time in the Learning Centre and as a Socials 11 teacher while doing duty nights in Rogers House and coaching the junior...

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