Students get Psyched with AP Psych Review!

May 13, '23

On April 27th, a Thursday night, the AP psychology class gathered together in McNeill’s to do one final, intense study session before they battled it out with the long-anticipated AP exam. AP Psychology 12 is a rigorous academic course that introduces students to the systematic and scientific study of various topics. As students investigate...

The Triple Threat: PPE at Brentwood

Apr 26, '23

While the rest of the student body is cozied up in their houses during the late hours of Thursday night, a small group of senior students is hard at work in a Politics, Philosophy and Economics class, otherwise known as PPE. 23 students sacrifice their Thursday night and happily dive into a world of politics, philosophy, and economics. PPE is...

Education and Reconciliation: Indigenous Studies 12

Apr 14, '23

British Columbia has always been a leader when it comes Indigenous reconciliation. While there are over 50 First Nations on Vancouver Island, they are organized into three different tribal regions: the Kwakwaka’wakw, Nuu-chah-nulth and Coast Salish. Brentwood has engaged in multiple acts of reconciliation and education with Indigenous peoples, the...

March 2 Assembly: With Grit Comes Joy!

Mar 03, '23

Yesterday’s school assembly, like those past and future, was a vibrant and exciting event that left everyone energized and inspired. As usual, the Assembly was led by the Head of School and featured several guest speakers who shared their stories and insights with the students. The assembly began with a formal opening from Head Prefect Tommy...

An Exciting Opportunity

Feb 15, '23

As students in Grade 9, 10, and 11 begin planning their course selection for next year, a new opportunity created by the British Columbia Ministry of Education is on the minds of many. The following is a brief explanation of the new Indigenous-Focused Graduation Requirement (IFGR), and why it is an exciting opportunity for all secondary students...

Black History Month

Feb 06, '23

As soon as February begins, we often hear a lot about recognizing Black History Month and celebrating it, but we are never actually taught what this Month is. So we are here to tell you. Black History Month spans the whole of February. It is to honor the numerous accomplishments and contributions made by Black people and their communities...

We All Need Financial Accounting: Come Gage the Fun!

Jan 22, '23

Making income statements, balance sheets, and general journals, what fun can there be? Well, thanks to our beloved Whittall Houseparent and Financial Accounting teacher Mr Gage, the students are always engaged in learning with his delightful presence in the classroom. From my experience, this class has been quite a learning experience. As a...

YPI - 9s Act for Charity

Dec 16, '22

Our Grade 9s have been working hard on their YPI projects this term. The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an opportunity for students to engage with and represent local charities. Opening young eyes to those less fortunate than us and finding a way to help them is the core of this project. Throughout, students learn about social issues,...

Challenging & Rewarding – AP Seminar

Nov 14, '22

A world of research presentations awaits Brentwood students on their road towards university. At the glowing start line of that road, for many, is AP Seminar. By researching and analyzing contrasting perspectives, students learn to work independently and collaboratively in research projects. AP Seminar is a Grade 11 level course offered at...

Passing The Knowledge Torch : Peer Tutoring At Brentwood

Nov 12, '22

One of the many unique features of living at a boarding school is being constantly surrounded by classmates and friends. While this may come with some drawbacks – let’s be honest, we all crave some alone time – one of the most significant advantages is easy access to extra help resources: teachers, BFAs, duty staff, and, perhaps most importantly,...

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