Exacting AP Exams

May 09, '22

From May 2nd until May 13th, over two million students worldwide will be writing their Advanced Placement exams. With over 240 students here at Brentwood writing an 460 AP exams, the campus is currently pushing through its May academic climax. Students have been preparing for these exams since the beginning of the year, and in some cases with...

Sustainable Sushi

Mar 26, '22

As the second term, which many consider the “gloomy” term, comes to an end, Mr McCarthy’s AP Environmental Science class closed it out with a bounty of flavor and spent the last class of the term learning how to make vegan sushi! One of the key components of the AP Environmental Studies curriculum is learning about sustainability and how to reduce...

Somenos Marsh Madness

Mar 20, '22

On Friday, March 4th, the sun was shining and the grins from both Brentwood students and Mill Bay Nature school kids were from ear to ear. Mr McCarthy took his AP Environmental Science class to the Semonas Marsh to learn about the various species living in that area - and how to enjoy the company of rambunctious pre-teens. Each Brentwood...

Blowing Bio Bubbles

Feb 24, '22

Here, let's test your knowledge. Out of these five words, guess which four are Biology terms, and which one I made up. Synthase Chemiosmosis Cytoskeleton Synthiosis Pyruvate Perfect, now that you got that wrong, and you are questioning your own education and aptitude, you can’t comment on the fact that Brentwood College School is making...

Signs of Life?

Feb 22, '22

Hey Brentwood! We are here to update you on our process with our study on Sub-Concussive Brain Impacts from Contact Sports in Adolescents. We have done 65 scans so far and with our goal to complete at least 200 scans, we need more volunteers to participate in this study. In the third term, we will be recruiting volunteers from Boys & Girls...

Physics 11– a Classroom Full of POTENTIAL Force

Jan 28, '22

For many, physics may be a requirement, but for Mrs O, it’s a passion. Among Brentwood’s substantial list of science courses stands Mrs Olszewski’s Physics 11. Mrs O makes physics fun and memorable which is possibly why she is considered Brentwood’s very own “Mrs Frizzle.”

After getting their first taste of physics in Science 10, a...

Faculty Focus Groups - Not Just a Day Off School

Dec 07, '21

The Faculty Focus Groups Saturday of last month featured many alumni on campus which allowed for a much more personal feel. Due to many presentations being held on Zoom last year, it was more challenging to connect with the presenter and vice-versa, as they were being viewed through a screen, which can also result in technical difficulties. And...

Exploring Goldstream Park

Nov 04, '21

Experiential learning is a key component of the Brentwood education model. This element of learning especially comes into play in the AP Environmental Science curriculum, where we venture into the great outdoors in order to further our learning through field work. Last week, along with the kindergarten class from Mill Bay School, the students...

Hike to Success

Nov 01, '21

Last week, Mr McCarthy took his AP Environmental Science 12 class on a field trip to Mount Baldy for a hike as a reward for the tremendous start to the school year. Taking learning outside of the classroom is very important in order to give students the opportunity to see the topics of study in real life instead of just in their note package. The...

AP Environmental Science Visits the Cowichan Bay Estuary

Oct 18, '21

Here at Brentwood, we are positioned in a very special corner of the world. With ocean views from our classrooms and offices, the water plays a vital role in our school’s setting, which is why it is so important to preserve it. On October 5, Mr McCarthy’s AP Environmental Science class traveled 15 minutes north to the Cowichan Bay Estuary...

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