AP Environmental Science Visits the Cowichan Bay Estuary

Oct 18, '21

Here at Brentwood, we are positioned in a very special corner of the world. With ocean views from our classrooms and offices, the water plays a vital role in our school’s setting, which is why it is so important to preserve it. On October 5, Mr McCarthy’s AP Environmental Science class traveled 15 minutes north to the Cowichan Bay Estuary...

Physics 11 Piano Project

Jun 16, '21

As I sat in my Advisor's class, Ross 101, I couldn't help but notice the massive piano set on a table in the middle of the room. An exciting project, the Giant Piano fashioned by the Physics 11 classes was a sight to behold. The product of about a month of strenuous and exciting work, the piano project is a testament to the ability and ingenuity...

Electromagnetism Exhibit

Jun 02, '21

In the past weeks, AP Physics 11 students have been hard at work constructing instructional videos on electromagnetism compiling the knowledge they have built up throughout the year. Mrs Olszewski tasked students with making an instructional video applying electromagnetism to real world scenarios and explaining the concepts through a...

Physics 11

May 14, '21

As the year-end creeps upon Brentwood’s campus, the scene is a little different for the students of Mrs Olszewski’s AP Physics 11 class. Physics is easily one of the hardest subjects a student can take in a high school setting, but take the course and combine it with a course doubled in difficulty and that is AP physics. The class is taught...

The Final Boss: AP Exams

May 12, '21

This is it, folks. From Tuesday, May 4th, to Wednesday May 26th, Brentwood students, primarily in grades 11 and 12 (with the exception of some extra brainy juniors), will be furiously writing AP exams, which will test them on everything they have been learning over the year (and in some cases, two years) in their specific AP course. These exams,...

The Secret Classroom

Apr 08, '21

After a long and rainy winter, the sun is finally shining upon Mill Bay and the Brentwood campus, and cries can be heard from far and wide of students begging to have class or advisor meetings outside. Mr McCarthy of the AP Environmental Science 12 class has enthusiastically undertaken the task of responding to these whinging complaints through an...

Ms Hampton - A Physics Expert

Mar 27, '21

Ms Hampton, as our Wednesday night duty staff and my physics teacher, is a fundamental part of Mackenzie House. She began working at Brentwood as a full-time Grade 10 science and physics teacher in September 2020. She now also works in the Learning Centre. While describing her love for the school, she mentioned her fondness for “the aspect of...

Mr Rodrigues is King

Feb 24, '21

Privett House has been blessed with the presence of Mr Rick Rodrigues and his family since 2003. Mr Rodrigues, affectionately known as RJ, started off as an Assistant Houseparent in Privett until 2005. Since then he was moved to Thursday duty and moved back into the house in 2010. RJ is also Head of University Counselling and a physics teacher....

Brentwood Research Advancing Innovation in Neuroscience

Jan 05, '21

In early December, members of the Biology 11 and 12 AP classes had the opportunity of having their heads examined. More specifically, a neuroscience device, developed by Brentwood alumnus and SFU Professor Dr Ryan Darcy, allowed them a glimpse into the inner workings of their “little grey cells”. An EEG cap, connected to some highly...

What is Ethics Anyway? - Science and Ethics 11

Oct 26, '20

There is a defined period every fateful ABC day where room R301, or as it is known, ‘The Coliseum’, pays homage to a new Caesar: the effervescent emperor of morals himself, Mr Ron Neufeld, of Science and Ethics 11. Every year, a select group of students embarks on this adventure. Although it is a senior course, it is offered as a tenth-grade...

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