The Complicated Study of Why Things Move (A.K.A. Physics 12)

Oct 06, '20

The first month of Physics 12 with Mrs Olszewski has been a comforting transition into many complicated subjects. Most problems we have faced involve topics such as torque (the force causing an object to move around a pivot point), finding the net force of a problem (total force acting in a direction), and tension. Mrs Olszewski has been an...

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Jun 10, '20

Walking. I have been known to walk for hours. Sometimes with purpose but always with passion; observing, soul-searching and recharging. No different was the afternoon of April 14th, although the activities that occurred on the beach in the estuary were both magical and sombre, forever changing the lives of three Brentwood teachers. When the...

Biomedical 10 Experiments with Public Service Announcements

May 05, '20

Throughout the Biomed Science 10 course, students have learnt the importance of raising awareness for combating global health issues. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the class got into groups and chose a health issue in Belize to raise awareness on, and we brought the campaigns to Belize in February. When COVID-19 became a relevant...

Earth Day 2020

Apr 24, '20

As Captain of the Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT), I have been anticipating and planning for Brentwood’s Earth Week for months. In just one week, centered around Earth Day, we had planned to hold our annual “Pizza on Patel” energy saving contest, organize local clean ups, host guest speakers, run fun events including hikes, bonfires,...

Future Design Challenge

Mar 21, '20

While getting up at the crisp hour of 5:30 am, finding a van, and making it to the ferry turned out to be a series of almost unfortunate events, a set of ambitious Meta 9 students accompanied by Mr Wismer braved the early hours to venture to Southridge Secondary School in Surrey. These six students competed in teams of three in Future Design...

BEAT BC Green Games

Mar 05, '20

The Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT) has been committed to promoting environmental awareness and action within our school and wider community for many years. Initiatives that have already taken place this year have included waste-sorting education, coastline cleanups, transporting Coho salmon blocked by a waterfall to their spawning...

February Midterm

Feb 18, '20

On this long-awaited and well-deserved midterm break, Brentwood’s students and staff have been blessed with the opportunity to de-stress. Whether they are marking papers, catching up on work, or hitting the slopes, now is the ideal time to recuperate after being thrown back into classes, arts, and athletics following winter vacation. Everyone...

An Environmental Crisis Discussion at UVic!

Feb 05, '20

The sciences at Brentwood bring together students from all across the world interested in the various phenomena that science manifests. At Brentwood, the science department has made various initiatives that allow keen students to explore beyond the curriculum in their classes. One recent event that took place was a riveting Climate Change...

Privett House Parents

Dec 06, '19

Houseparent Mr Ron Neufeld and Assistant Houseparent Ms Sarah Wolinsky, both continue to play instrumental roles in an effort to keep Privett House healthy, strong and proud. These two individuals are truly one of a kind and incredible at what they do. When Mr. Ganley first approached me with the idea of an article on my Houseparents, I was...

First Term Complete!

Nov 28, '19

With only 15 days left until Winter Break, the Grade 9s first term at Brentwood comes to an end! For this young group, it has been a busy term! We successfully completed the first term of our new program Metamorphosis 9. In Meta, we were kept busy with plenty of design challenges to improve our thinking! Their most recent challenge was...

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