Pupils’ Provincial Pains

Feb 05, '23

Every January, the Foote Centre gymnasium is turned into an exam room so that more than half the Brentwood student body can sit down and take their provincial assessments. In order to obtain the Dogwood Diploma, all students in BC are required to take the Grade 10 Literacy and Numeracy Assessments, as well as the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment....

Passing The Knowledge Torch : Peer Tutoring At Brentwood

Nov 12, '22

One of the many unique features of living at a boarding school is being constantly surrounded by classmates and friends. While this may come with some drawbacks – let’s be honest, we all crave some alone time – one of the most significant advantages is easy access to extra help resources: teachers, BFAs, duty staff, and, perhaps most importantly,...

Testing the Limits in Advanced Topics

Oct 18, '22

School has only been in session for a month, but Mr Prokopchuk’s Advanced Topics in Mathematics class is racing through subject material at an immeasurable velocity. Advanced Topics — the name says it all. This is the highest level math class offered at Brentwood and is notorious for housing pupils who excel at math and want an extra...

The Future of Sustainability: Meta 9’s Design Fair

Aug 15, '22

On Saturday, June 5, Grade 9 students showcased their ideas about the future of sustainability. After three months of preparation, each student presented a prototype of their vision to staff members and peers. This project entailed a lot of responsibility as most students led themselves to their final result. Grade 10s from Ms Hampton’s Science...

Exacting AP Exams

May 09, '22

From May 2nd until May 13th, over two million students worldwide will be writing their Advanced Placement exams. With over 240 students here at Brentwood writing an 460 AP exams, the campus is currently pushing through its May academic climax. Students have been preparing for these exams since the beginning of the year, and in some cases with...

The Mind-Bending Third Term of Calculus 12 and Mr P

May 05, '22

Calculus, a subject most people cringe at with the mere sound of it, is, quite honestly, the hardest subject I have taken in my existence on this earth. Now don’t get me wrong, the class is wonderful, the people are wonderful and, most importantly, our Calculus teacher, Mr Prokopchuk, is quite literally the “G.O.A.T” at math. The reason is not...

Senior Mathematics in the Foote & Woodward

Apr 13, '22

Although we only truly realized it upon returning from Spring Break, the last steps taken in and out of the Ross Academic Centre are already written in history. Blue fencing surrounds the Ross - soon be converted into a modern ocean-front building in the next two years. With the closing of the Ross, a temporary space has been developed in the...

Advanced Topics of Math

Mar 16, '22

Mr Prokopchuk’s Advanced Topics of Maths class is a course like no other at Brentwood, providing a unique curriculum which covers various fields of upper mathematics for some of the school’s more eager students. This is the fourth year that the course has been offered at Brentwood, and can be taken after, or concurrently with, calculus. Mr...

Calc 12 So Far

Jan 24, '22

As many of my fellow Brentonians and I entered the fall term, we decided to pursue the interests of Calculus 12. Calculus 12 is one of the most intense non AP math courses offered at Brentwood. The course is definitely hard, but it's not necessarily due to pure difficulty and it's definitely not due to bad teaching as we are taught by the...

Faculty Focus Groups - Not Just a Day Off School

Dec 07, '21

The Faculty Focus Groups Saturday of last month featured many alumni on campus which allowed for a much more personal feel. Due to many presentations being held on Zoom last year, it was more challenging to connect with the presenter and vice-versa, as they were being viewed through a screen, which can also result in technical difficulties. And...

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