Probability on the 13th

Dec 21, '17

As part of their recent unit on probability, the three Foundations of Math 12 classes have been creating casino games. On Wednesday, December 13 they invited the school to stop by Ross 306 to play the novel games that they had created. Each participant was given $20 FoM12 dollars upon entry and those who increased their stake could cash in their...

Chopping on Chopin & Marvelous with Math

Mar 13, '17

After six rounds, Yiwen C, Allard ‘20, with 30 of a possible 30 points, is currently the top student in the Math Department’s fortnightly challenge. She is also a very accomplished pianist who performed at the Cowichan Music Festival Gala concert on Sunday at the Duncan United Church where she will be performed Frederic Chopin’s “Minute Waltz”....

Mrs. Jane Jackson - Too Young to Retire

Jun 06, '16

At the close of this school year we will be losing one of our most important assets in the math department. Mrs. Jackson, a member of the Brentwood community since 1984 (shortly after graduating from the University of Victoria) has taught so many of us pre-calculus and calculus, helping us understand the most confusing problems. Although I never...

Brentwood’s Mr. BIG

Sep 26, '15

Mr Harold Wardrop, Head of Mathematics, is the first recipient of the Brentwood Innovation Grant: he’s now Mr. BIG. Mr. Wardrop has been awarded the B.I.G. in order to develop an introductory coding course. What makes this program unique, however, is that he will be using a humanoid robotic platform - the NAO robot pictured to your right....

Y does Y=mx+b?

Feb 03, '15

Given the challenge of the subject matter and the mandatory nature of math up until Grade 11, “Can I please get some extra help?” is a request heard by math teachers more than most. To respond to this demand, the Brentwood math department has set up regular extra help sessions, Monday to Friday afternoons, to assist students who have missed...

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