Brentwood Sprints to the Podium at Opening Day

May 15, '23

Last weekend 10 Brentwood rowers drove to Seattle to participate in the Windermere Cup and Opening Day Regatta. Opening Day marks the beginning of the recreational boating season in Seqattle and yachts line the edges of the race course watching some of the most prestigious crews from Canada, the United States, and, this year, Australia. The crowd...

Meal Prepping for Regatta

Apr 30, '23

Sunny skies, happy smiles, and speedy rowers decorate Brentwood’s campus this weekend as we welcome coaches and athletes from across the nation, Washington State, and Oregon for Brentwood’s 51st Annual International Rowing Regatta. This much-anticipated event, both within the Brentwood bubble and the greater community, is one of the few which...

Brentwood’s Rowing Results

Apr 30, '23

The excitement and intensity of Brentwood’s Regatta are unmatched by any other sport. The competition is fierce, and the results are a reflection of the hard work and dedication that each team puts into their training. Yesterday, until early afternoon, we were blessed with another beautiful sunny day that allowed for perfect conditions....

Welcome to Canada

Apr 29, '23

As the northern half of two nations sharing the world’s longest unprotected border, this weekend we welcome our American rowing cousins onto Brentwood’s lively campus. With athletes coming from all over Washington and even Oregon, we could not be more excited to host such esteemed guests. When asked what they are most looking forward to this...

Brentwood Regatta Launches with a Spectacularly Sunny Start!

Apr 29, '23

The first day of the Brentwood Regatta can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for athletes, coaches, and spectators alike. But when the weather is on your side, it can make for an even more memorable event. This was certainly the case yesterday, as the sun shone brightly and warmly, creating a picture-perfect setting for the rowing teams...

A Brief History Lesson - The 51st Brentwood Regatta

Apr 28, '23

For decades, the Brentwood Regatta has been a fixture in the calendar for residents of Brentwood, Mill Bay and the Cowichan Valley. Its return this year marks 51 years of history - and everyone’s ecstatic. The Brentwood Regatta was founded by John Queen, past Rowing Coach from 1973-1997 & Tony Carr, past Rowing Head Coach from 1964-2003. These...

Maple Bay Regatta - Wins All Around!

Apr 20, '23

On Saturday, April 15th, Brentwood’s rowing team set off at 6am for the Maple Bay Regatta. With rowers from all over the Island, coaches and athletes were able to rejoice with friends from different clubs. In the brisk morning air, many hands were able to quickly deload and rig the boats to get ready for action. Kicking off the day was the U19...

Beyond The April Rain: The Epitome of Spring Rowing

Apr 11, '23

From March to June, our rowers spend their weekends competing against local and international clubs, preparing for the nationals, the CSSRA (Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association) Regatta in June. In the long weeks of training, the dedication and determination of each rower are tested as they push themselves beyond their limit, whether it...

Rowing BC Training Camp: An Event With Many Takeaways

Jan 29, '23

Last weekend, seven Brentwood rowers attended the first Rowing BC Training Camp led by the new Director of Performance, Terry Paul. The camp's design is to challenge regional rowers technically, physically, and mentally. Over eight hours, we rowed roughly 36km focusing on improving our rowing. Terry Paul was a coxswain who won Gold at the 1992...

Lorna Schultz Nicholson: A Visit by the Author-Athlete

Dec 06, '22

Ms Schultz Nicholson is an author who writes children’s and young adult books. She writes all types of books ranging from hockey to autism. Her connection to Brentwood is through Mr Brian Carr whom she met through the rowing program at UVic in 1982. He says, “She has paved the way on many fronts here in Canada. A member of the first high school...

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