Wander into A Writing 12 Wilderness

Feb 03, '23

The one thing that sets boarding schools miles apart from regular schools is … academics at all hours. At Brentwood, these extra hours are utilized to the fullest extent, preparing students for a college experience. A full day of classes is followed by math and chem help - some courses even extend into the evening. An example of this unique...

A Day in the Life of a Brentwood Student

Jan 27, '23

As we begin the 2023 year, I wanted to take the opportunity to chronicle a day in the life of a Brentwood student. With new applicants sending in their forms every day hoping to attend Brentwood next year, this article will take readers on a journey through the eyes of a Brentwood student and give them an inside look at the daily routine, classes,...

Lorna Schultz Nicholson: A Visit by the Author-Athlete

Dec 06, '22

Ms Schultz Nicholson is an author who writes children’s and young adult books. She writes all types of books ranging from hockey to autism. Her connection to Brentwood is through Mr Brian Carr whom she met through the rowing program at UVic in 1982. He says, “She has paved the way on many fronts here in Canada. A member of the first high school...

Passing The Knowledge Torch : Peer Tutoring At Brentwood

Nov 12, '22

One of the many unique features of living at a boarding school is being constantly surrounded by classmates and friends. While this may come with some drawbacks – let’s be honest, we all crave some alone time – one of the most significant advantages is easy access to extra help resources: teachers, BFAs, duty staff, and, perhaps most importantly,...

Collis & Creative Writing “Fall” for the UBC Festival

Oct 29, '22

On October 19, at 10:30 am, Mr Paul Collis and his visionary Writing 12 students embarked on their scenic trip to Vancouver’s Granville Island. The day consisted of journaling exercises, writing games, tiresome sitting - and endless creativity! Writing 12 at Brentwood is an exclusive class for a select 10 students who are passionate about...

The Future of Sustainability: Meta 9’s Design Fair

Aug 15, '22

On Saturday, June 5, Grade 9 students showcased their ideas about the future of sustainability. After three months of preparation, each student presented a prototype of their vision to staff members and peers. This project entailed a lot of responsibility as most students led themselves to their final result. Grade 10s from Ms Hampton’s Science...

Every Day is Game Day - AP with a Tandem of Collises

May 14, '22

AP Language and Composition. When Brentwood students hear these words they think of the man, the myth, the legend, Mr Paul Collis. However, this year a young frisbee golf enthusiast also dipped his toes into the AP world. Back in September, Mr Collis Handford, known as TCH to most, took 25 naive Grade 11s under his wing and on May 10th, after...

Exacting AP Exams

May 09, '22

From May 2nd until May 13th, over two million students worldwide will be writing their Advanced Placement exams. With over 240 students here at Brentwood writing an 460 AP exams, the campus is currently pushing through its May academic climax. Students have been preparing for these exams since the beginning of the year, and in some cases with...

Touching Lessons

May 07, '22

Students of Mr Skardal’s Grade 12 English class have been religiously paying attention to every move Mr Skardal has made: all for one moment. This moment. Mr Skardal reluctantly handed over the torch, allowing us to create and lead a lesson. For part of our Relationships Unit, we were divided into partners and selected from an array of topics...

Why Was the Cross-Grade Invented?

Feb 21, '22

What is the one thing all English classes at Brentwood have in common? From towering Grade 12s to fresh-faced 9s, all students are mandated to write the cross-grades. The cross-grades are a compilation of English exercises that happen three times every year and never cease to make students sweat - intellectually. This week is the cross-grade...

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