Every Day is Game Day - AP with a Tandem of Collises

May 14, '22

AP Language and Composition. When Brentwood students hear these words they think of the man, the myth, the legend, Mr Paul Collis. However, this year a young frisbee golf enthusiast also dipped his toes into the AP world. Back in September, Mr Collis Handford, known as TCH to most, took 25 naive Grade 11s under his wing and on May 10th, after...

Exacting AP Exams

May 09, '22

From May 2nd until May 13th, over two million students worldwide will be writing their Advanced Placement exams. With over 240 students here at Brentwood writing an 460 AP exams, the campus is currently pushing through its May academic climax. Students have been preparing for these exams since the beginning of the year, and in some cases with...

Touching Lessons

May 07, '22

Students of Mr Skardal’s Grade 12 English class have been religiously paying attention to every move Mr Skardal has made: all for one moment. This moment. Mr Skardal reluctantly handed over the torch, allowing us to create and lead a lesson. For part of our Relationships Unit, we were divided into partners and selected from an array of topics...

Why Was the Cross-Grade Invented?

Feb 21, '22

What is the one thing all English classes at Brentwood have in common? From towering Grade 12s to fresh-faced 9s, all students are mandated to write the cross-grades. The cross-grades are a compilation of English exercises that happen three times every year and never cease to make students sweat - intellectually. This week is the cross-grade...

Hamlet English 12 - “The Play’s the Thing”

Feb 20, '22

As the short lived term two continues on its rapid pace, the students of Mr Ganley’s Literature 12 class continue on the same rapid path while they finish up their unit on Hamlet. Hamlet, a 1609 revenge tragedy by William Shakspheare, entails the interesting but odd life of Hamlet Jr. This piece by Shakespeare, considered one of the greatest...

Writing For Rights

Jan 15, '22

Every year at Brentwood, Amnesty International’s annual Write for Rights campaign is put on by the English department to make students aware of some controversial issues going on around the world. This year's event had ten different cases for students to choose from depending on which one they find is most important. English teacher Mrs...

Faculty Focus Groups - Not Just a Day Off School

Dec 07, '21

The Faculty Focus Groups Saturday of last month featured many alumni on campus which allowed for a much more personal feel. Due to many presentations being held on Zoom last year, it was more challenging to connect with the presenter and vice-versa, as they were being viewed through a screen, which can also result in technical difficulties. And...

Springsteen Night in Mill Bay

Dec 02, '21

The sun had set and the week was winding down, but on November 26, the staff and students in the Lecture Theatre were winding up for a special occasion. The air was electric, the audience clad in plaid, and everyone was on the edge of their seat, anticipating what was about to happen next. On one special November night every year, the AP...

Melhuish Poetry Recitations

Nov 02, '21

Last week the Brentwood Assembly audience was treated to the performances of Grade winners who brought poetry to life with their Melhuish poetry recitations. Grade 8: Grady N “Fire and Ice” Grade 9: Ella W “One Art” Grade 10: Mimi D “My Last Duchess” Grade 11: Lilly O “The Fatigue” Grade 12: Robin C “Mantra of No Return”

Jane Austen Tea Party

Jul 28, '21

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Brentwood Grad in possession of some free time, must be in want of a tea party. In early June, as spring turned to summer, the AP Literature 12 students celebrated the culmination of their intellectual literary journeys with the annual Jane Austen Tea Party. Austen's Pride and Prejudice remains...

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