Grade 9s Take on Strathcona

Oct 08, '19

On Sunday, September 29th the Class of 2023 left for Strathcona Park Lodge. The 84 grade 9 students were nervous about the big adventure, but as soon as they got there they jumped in headfirst. The Strathcona trip has been part of Brentwood's Grade 9 history for several years. Every year a new group of rowdy Grade 9s are thrown into an...

I Thought About It

Jul 27, '19

This free verse poem is the winner of the Grade 11 Term 2 school-wide Beth Melhuish Writing Competition. I Thought About It If you think about it, This poem was meant for you. This is the one you picked up, and actually read. The other ones are still stuck in poetry books and anthologies. All the other poems, lost and...

Zero Tolerance

Jul 09, '19

The following is the winner of the Term 2 Melhuish Writing competition in which Grade 9 students were required to write a ballad. Where is my son? The father asked. From screaming he was sore Eyes looked at him behind a mask No one could tell him more. The agents shrugged. One made a call. “Your son’s not coming back,” They threw him...

Pug Day 2019

Jun 05, '19

Earlier today Mrs Reynolds’ Grade 9 English class gracefully skipped up to the field to enjoy the presence of Earl and Shirley, Mrs Reynolds’ pugs. Initially, Pug Day was meant to be a competition between 9E and 9C; however Mrs Reynolds decided to adopt a more communist approach and share the pugs equally. The hour was well spent with a Rustys’...

Exams in the Headlights

May 23, '19

Once again, it is that time of the year when Brentwood students prepare vigorously for exams (Advanced Placement and otherwise) as they focus on recollecting knowledge from the past. I took the AP Biology exam last week, and as I reflect upon my two year journey of endlessly memorizing various facts about signal transduction pathways, and pulled...

Brentwood’s Regatta Sonnet

Apr 26, '19

The 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta begins this afternoon and at this moment our students sit on the knife edge between the final academic class and an exciting weekend of rowing, guests, food, music, alumni and more. Mr Ganley’s Lit 12 class has recently been studying sonnets: Shakespeare’s “When in Disgrace”, Wordsworth’s “The World is Too Much...

The Adventure of Literature 12AP

Mar 29, '19

In the world of Literature 12AP, we students are given an opportunity to receive credit for English 12, Literature 12, and Literature 12AP all in one course. While the course dives into the worlds and works of Beowulf, Chaucer, and Shakespeare, preparation for the May AP exam is also a focus of the class. For every poem, short story or essay...

Blind Date With a Book

Feb 21, '19

Valentine’s Day isn’t everybody’s favourite day of the year. Some people greet February 14th with love and excitement, while others despise its arrival, and can’t wait for it to end. As a kid, Valentine’s Day was happy and stress-free, but as you get older, the connotation of the day, as well as its expectations, begin to change. This is why Ms...

The Boss in Mill Bay: Bruce Springsteen Night

Feb 10, '19

Mr. Collis undeniably has nothing short of a passion for Bruce Springsteen. Thus, when three years ago he received “blank stares” from his students of AP Language and Composition upon his mentioning of “The Boss”, he decided to take action. And the rest, as the say, was history, Bruce Springsteen Night is an annual event for Grade 11 English...

Writing for Rights

Dec 25, '18

Every year, in honour of International Human Rights Day on December 10th, Amnesty International launches a campaign called Write for Rights. Identifying individuals and communities facing human rights violations, they create a method for concerned citizens to partake in meaningful global action through the writing of letters urging governments to...

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