Senior Acting Adapts and Overcomes

Jul 13, '20

“Adapt and Overcome”. This seems to be the catchphrases of the last few months, and there is no escaping it. At Brentwood, adaptation has been embraced in our academic, athletic, and artistic programs, and beyond. The art of Senior Acting has been one of the few that have carried on with their specific classes in addition to the artistic...

Farewell, For Now, From the Arts Prefect

Jul 07, '20

The following address was delivered at the School's final assembly of the 2019-2020 academic year in early June, 2020. Last night I was thinking about what to put in this final speech, and I did not know where to start. I didn’t know whether or not to make it about the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, the experiences I’ve had, or the...

Carpe Argillum

Jul 01, '20

All I ever talk about is pottery as you all know, and today will not be any different. Today I want you to think about the lessons that clay can teach us. We often talk about the importance of resilience - the ability to come back and even thrive after going through a journey of tough times and difficult circumstances. Let’s look at clay as an...

The Arts Fair - Celebrating the Arts on Zoom

Jun 11, '20

We inherently understand how important arts are in everyone’s life either as the creator or the audience. Arts heal, console, inspire. They allow us to play. They are fuel for our hearts and minds. They lift us up. Every arts afternoon we have been privileged as our teachers continue to nurture the creative blossoming of all our students. We...

A Feel-Good Story

May 17, '20

There is little inspiration these days; it’s kind of a bummer. Like you, I’m assuming, I spend most of my time sitting around, and am generally bored. I get that everyone is in a similar situation, and for that reason I intend to help lighten the mood. It’s hard to find things to write about, when there isn’t much going on around us, so in lieu...

Dissenting on the “Soap Box”

Apr 22, '20

Earlier this year, several public speaking students participated in an art show called “Dissent” located at an art gallery in Duncan. On January 25, the seven Brentwood students presented in front of a live audience on a range of topics including mental health, open-net fish farming, sex trafficking, gender bias in medical treatments, and...

Yeah, Young Eddie Here!

Apr 14, '20

On the first day of spring break, four tenacious young filmmakers headed off early to Vancouver to attend an award ceremony featuring their prized rap video. The journey to this point was tough: many green screens were straightened, too many bars were spat, and too much skill was exhibited. Nonetheless, the work had paid off and this was their big...

A Strong Brentwood Community Around the World

Apr 13, '20

With the declaration of Covid-19 as a pandemic, it was inevitable that the Brentwood campus would close down, putting students, families and staff under stress and our Grade 12s in fear of a year without graduation rituals. Over the past couple of weeks, however, Brentwood has continued to hold classes and tried to maintain a robust electronic...

So, You Think You Have it Tough…

Apr 06, '20

So, you think you have it tough. You think online schooling is “too hard.” You think waking up 10 minutes before class, warm and cosy in your blankets, merely reaching to your bedside table to grab your computer, and making your way to class from the comfort of your king size bed, is inconvenient. You think your internet is “too slow” for your...

Covid-19 Adjustments

Mar 26, '20

The virus that has been steadily increasing its international reach is changing our lives in so many ways. Currently at over 400,00 cases worldwide, many cities and countries are in states of emergency, with governments encouraging, and even mandating, social distancing and self-isolation in homes. The crisis came fast, with limited time to...

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