MUN Achieves Independence

Jul 30, '21

The students who find themselves drawn to Model United Nations & Public Speaking are determined to be heard no matter the circumstances, and the 2020-2021 year proved that resilience and a genuine love for speaking and diplomacy is the foundation of the program. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic seriously impeding the club’s ability to attend...


Jul 24, '21

According to Confucius, the purpose of human life is to obey the duty to become better humans. Even though many debaters end up in professions that seem to have diverged from that goal, such as law and politics, our debaters adopted this goal in the year of lockdown. Better human beings pursue Confucianist Ren, which consist of six elements...

Concert For A Summer’s Eve

Jun 07, '21

On Friday May 28th, students gathered in their common rooms or, if you are Alex House, in the lecture theatre, to watch this year’s Concert For A Summer’s Eve. It was breezy, enjoyable and the final arts performance of the 2021 school year. Ms Widenmaier, the woman behind it all, expresses her deep and unfaltering compliments to the...

Photographers Take on Ye'yumnuts Ancient Site

Jun 06, '21

On May 28th, 19 of Brentwood’s finest photographers, ranging from wide-eyed Grade 10s who had picked up a camera for the first time ever this September, to award-winning Grade 12s, hopped on a yellow school bus in the Crooks parking lot. We sailed along Highway #1 for 30 minutes out to Duncan and reached the Somenos Garry Oak Protected Area and...

The Show Must Go On! - Third Term Musical Theatre

Jun 04, '21

Live theatre, especially that of the musical type, is something that is cemented in Brentwood’s legacy. To those who watch from the comfort of the house, it seems that the only purpose of the program is to put work into our extravagant March performance, year in and year out. While that is a large part of our program - which we were very lucky to...

Printed, Pressed, And The Biggest Book Yet

May 30, '21

After eight months of determined hard work, the yearbook team is proud to announce that the largest book in Brentwood history has been completed - in one of the strangest years. The final week of production turned into a blur of frenzied editing, excited meetings to visualize the final product, and last minute page number mix ups. Thanks to the...

Making the Musical Best of a Pandemic

May 28, '21

It’s not easy running choirs and bands in the middle of a pandemic, but somehow even with masking, cohorts, and physical distancing from one another, somehow, we have managed to keep going despite these obstacles, resulting in much success for our efforts. Our choirs and bands virtually entered various festivals this year, including the Canadian...

Nothing But Fun at B-MUN!

May 09, '21

As somebody who had never participated in a Model United Nations (MUN) before, it was safe to say that I was nervous when I found out that it would be mandatory for me to engage in B-MUN (Brentwood MUN) on Friday, April 30. Captain of Public Speaking/MUN, Sean R, Privett ‘21 excitedly announced that he was able to organize an in-person MUN...

An Evening of Dance

May 08, '21

As the Brentwood year comes to an end, art shows and performances are in abundance. One of these came to the students and staff last night, May 7th, in the form of a beautiful dance show. As the students gathered in their common rooms to enjoy the show, the Evening of Dance began. Some art shows such as this revolve around a theme; in this...


May 07, '21

This evening, each house will be gathering in their respective multipurpose rooms, common rooms, or lecture theatres to watch this year’s Evening of Dance. Wave is a show made up of all levels of dancers (novice, intermediate and advanced) and created by the accomplished and adored Ms Staples. There will be group dances, solos, self choreography;...

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