Arts Beat

Jun 08, '22

The Killy Stage curtain has closed on our successful performance season after Concert for a Summer’s Eve drew rave reviews from students and patrons this past weekend. Instruments are being readied for the journey home. Here is the final tally of awards for our ensemble groups. Coming back for live performances with an audience was such an...

Future Legendary Producers

Jun 03, '22

Music Composition and Production is filled with avid producers who dream of becoming a composer of another Aubrey classic. At the beginning of the year, many students under the brilliant Mr McGill were simply beginning to learn the fine art of music creation, and even though many of us are still learning, we have been taught valuable skills...

Spring Music Successes

May 15, '22

The Spring Term is always a busy one for performances by our myriad musical groups. After months of rehearsal in the fall and winter, music festivals blossom along with the spring tulips. Below are some of the recent honours achieved by Brentwood's student musicians: Victoria Festival for the Performing Arts Brentwood Songbirds Vocal...

The Brentwood Dance Program Strikes Again

May 12, '22

This past week, Brentwood’s Dance Program returned to the stage and put on their annual Evening of Dance. For the first time in three years, our school community and members of the public were welcomed into the warm, cushy seats of the Killy Theatre rather than watching via livestream. This year’s show is called STRIKE! and it was the first to...

Drawing & Painting Has a Storybook Ending

May 08, '22

The final project of any art at Brentwood is extremely important. After the paintbrushes are put away, the cameras returned, the instruments disassembled, the last artistic venture stays remembered by all. The melancholic end to an art class can be quite daunting for some. Lucky for them, artistry is all around. As summer blooms, colours emerge...

Arts Beat

May 03, '22

As students and faculty are thrilled by the return to live performances, shows, and festivals, we celebrate some of the outstanding achievements of our music performers and anticipate some exciting arts events to come. This is the season of music festivals and we are so proud of our student performers. The Brentwood Songbirds Vocal Jazz...

Cole Stole the Stage

Apr 28, '22

When I think of the remarkable Arts program at Brentwood, I think of the girl who never fails to amaze the audience, our Assistant Head Prefect of Arts, Robin C, Alex ‘22. Not only has Robin been in five theatrical productions throughout her time here, but she has also been an inspiration and role model for her peers on and off the stage. Robin...

Prodigious Puffs Performance

Apr 25, '22

As one of the oldest programs in all of Brentwood Arts, Senior Play’s theatrical bunch (in the Bunch) really outdid themselves with this year’s performance. With the goal of challenging individuals to find what they are capable of and express themselves creatively, Senior Play is one of the most demanding arts - but also one of the most...

Puff Preview For a Magical Night

Apr 20, '22

After a year of Covid-cancellation and a performance over Zoom, the Senior Play will finally, once again, be in front of a live audience. They are back with a bang, performing the Broadway show Puffs, which is a comedic rendition of J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series. However, instead of focusing on Gryffindor and their star magicians,...

May 3rd, The Big Day

Apr 17, '22

Due dates. Something Brentwood students and staff are more than familiar with. On my calendar, I have the following: (from least to most important) April 20th - AP micro test May 10th - AP Micro exam May 12th - AP English exam May 3rd - Yearbook Due Since September Mr Ganley, Ms Rusman, and a group of 14 dedicated students have spent...

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