Seeds of Change: Reviving the Brentwood Garden

May 21, '23

Since October, the re-establishment of a Brentwood garden has been underway just behind Mr. Rodrigues’ home on Partridge Road. The journey began with the Wellness Conference when a group of volunteers chose to spend an afternoon restoring a neglected and overgrown garden. These individuals were able to turn empty beds into rows of garlic plants...

Lights, Camera, Action! A Spotlight on Senior Play

May 19, '23

Between the Musical, Concert for a Winter’s and Summer’s Eve, Evening of Dance, the Mother’s Day Dance Showcase, and many more, the Killy Theatre stage is always ablaze with talent, and May 9-12 was no exception as the Senior Play cast stood under the lights to give three incredible performances of Robert Fulgham’s show, All I Really Need to Know...

Talking Our Way to the Top at Debate Nationals!

May 09, '23

While the Brentwood community was gathered on the sunny shores of Mill Bay for the 51st Annual Brentwood Regatta, four debaters, accompanied by their coach, Ms Legassicke, boarded a plane bound for Calgary to compete at the Canadian National High School Debate Championships! This was the first time in five years Brentwood has been to the national...

A Mother's Day Dance

May 08, '23

As Mother's Day quickly approaches, it's definitely time to start thinking about how to show our moms some love! What better way to do that than with a dazzling display of music and dance? The Brentwood Dance and Musical programs are hosting a Mother's Day Showcase that promises to be quite entertaining. The show kicks off at 12:30 and features...

Dancers in Full Bloom

May 07, '23

Every year, Brentwood dancers of all different levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced - wait excitedly in the wings to showcase their hard work by putting on the Evening of Dance show. This year’s down-to-earth, dynamic show was titled Bloom. “Bloom was such a special show”, said dancer Jenny L, Alexandra ‘23. “It was amazing to see all the...

Applefest II - Getting to the Core of Things

May 02, '23

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away and that is one reason Environmental Advocacy hosted Applefest II during Earth Week. Applefest II celebrated the marvels of the apple, a low-carbon fruit producing only 0.24kg of carbon per pound of food. It's also a locally-grown treat available all year round. Nutritious, packed with fibre and...

SCUBA Regatta Rescue - Who You Gonna’ Call?

Apr 26, '23

On Tuesday, when the 1250 m marker sank in 15 m of water, the Regatta had a problem. Who You Gonna’ Call? Our advanced open water divers were tasked with recovering the marker buoy on the ocean floor. Jacques Cousteau at your service! “Visibility was very restricted to just a few meters and we were successful on our last attempt. It...

Earth Week Adventures

Apr 21, '23

When was the last time you were Senior Safety Officer at a bouncy castle? Or Head Judge for a boot-throwing contest? Or Grand Marshal of the potato sack races? For 13 students and two staff who volunteered at the Mill Bay Nature School’s Earth Day Fun Fair, the answer is, obviously, “Yesterday, of course!” As part of Brentwood's Earth Week...

Under the Sea: Brentwood’s Artificial Reefs

Apr 07, '23

Over the past couple of months, students of Life Sciences 11 have been collaborating with the pottery studio to create artificial reefs for marine life living in the ocean waters around Brentwood. Artificial reefs are human-made structures that are designed to mimic the structure and function of natural reefs. They can be constructed from a...

Drawing and Painting -Il"Luna"nating Great Art

Apr 01, '23

Every arts afternoon, talented Brentwood artists wander into the studios to do work that displays the rhythmic strokes of the paintbrush on colourful canvas. In the four blocks of Drawing and Painting, new and experienced artists work to develop their artistic abilities and explore their creativity. Mr John Luna is the Drawing and Painting...

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