Percillier Top Player

Aug 09, '20

William Percillier, Rogers ‘17, was named Rugby Canada’s Young Male Player of the Year this week in an online ceremony. Will, currently under contract and training with Stade Français of Paris, Captained Canada’s U20 team as well as played for the Men’s Senior National team at the Americas Rugby Championship. In accepting the award, Will...

More Than a Workout

Jun 15, '20

Brentwood Athletics stands by the importance of being physically active, especially during these tough times. The sports afternoons Active Living workouts encouraged the Brentwood community to maintain good health and well being. Workouts were led by our power duo of Ms Scheck and Ms Ostopovich and were designed to accommodate every fitness level...

Active Living

May 29, '20

The struggle to stay motivated is one that many face right now in isolation, and for Will and me, workouts are never easy to get into, but on Thursday, May 5, we were cheered on by Ms Scheck, Ms Ostopovich and our virtual workout buddies through an intense leg and core workout! For those of you who participated, you would have seen me...

The Smiths

May 10, '20

One of the families living on the Brentwood campus are the Smiths. Mr Phil Smith is the Allard Assistant Houseparent, as well as one of our fantastic maths teachers. With him is his wife, Dr Maraina Smith who is a family physician, and their three children, Phoebe, Seb, and Ngapera . They plan on growing to a family of seven very soon, as Dr Smith...

Bronze at BCs

May 01, '20

For a certain group of individuals, the last thing we remember before going on our indefinite break from school is travelling over to the Langley Event Center to battle against BC’s bests. Our Sr. Boys Basketball team started their journey back in November. They hosted the ISA tournament at the start of November and though the results weren’t...

Post-Secondary Volleyball

Apr 22, '20

Brentwood College Volleyball is pleased to announce the signing of Varsity Captain Lexus BJ, Mack ‘20, to The College of the Rockies Volleyball Program. COTR plays in the highly competitive PacWest League in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association. Lexus will be playing volleyball while pursuing a Kinesiology degree. Lexus is the 13th...

A Strong Brentwood Community Around the World

Apr 13, '20

With the declaration of Covid-19 as a pandemic, it was inevitable that the Brentwood campus would close down, putting students, families and staff under stress and our Grade 12s in fear of a year without graduation rituals. Over the past couple of weeks, however, Brentwood has continued to hold classes and tried to maintain a robust electronic...

Jr B Boys Basketball

Apr 09, '20

This season’s edition of the Grade 9/Jr B Boys Basketball team was the shortest in recent memory - by physical stature. Their height, however, belied the strength of their fellowship as this group of 16 boys forged their way onward against taller opponents en route to a 22 win and 9 loss season record. In the Jr B CVIAA league, the team finished...

So, You Think You Have it Tough…

Apr 06, '20

So, you think you have it tough. You think online schooling is “too hard.” You think waking up 10 minutes before class, warm and cosy in your blankets, merely reaching to your bedside table to grab your computer, and making your way to class from the comfort of your king size bed, is inconvenient. You think your internet is “too slow” for your...

Junior A Boys Basketball

Apr 04, '20

The Junior A Boys had a very successful season starting with the Victoria Tip-Off Tournament where we narrowly lost the final to the #1 BC team, Walnut Grove. This hinted at a bright future. We went undefeated in the league racking up many points against all of our opponents. We also played the #1, 3, 5, and 6 teams in BC. We played very good...

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