Term 1 Basketball During COVID

Oct 29, '20

Sports are usually a low priority during a global pandemic, however here at Brentwood students make sure sports are the second most important thing - after academics of course. Basketball during COVID has been a challenge, but playing with mitigation strategies is way better than not playing at all. COVID has made basketball practices...

Virtually the Head of the Charles Regatta

Oct 28, '20

The 56th annual Head of the Charles Regatta (HOTC) was certainly an event like no other as hundreds of athletes ranging from high school students to seniors competed virtually from their home waters. Seven Brentwood athletes were invited to compete in the 2020 HOTC regatta in both youth singles and doubles. Competitors from across the world...

Stage 2 Soccer

Oct 21, '20

As soccer throughout British Columbia successfully made the move into Stage 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic, the sport began its climb to the top once again. Over 20,000 men and women play soccer throughout the province and all of these people are beyond happy to be back on the pitch. Schools have resumed training across the province and the Brentwood...

Back On The Ice

Oct 17, '20

As the hockey program starts back up at Brentwood, many of the kids are excited to be lacing up their skates for the first time in a long time. Due to COVID, many of us were not able to get any ice time over the past few months, so it was understandable that we were a bit rusty. The program runs on a three day schedule: on Tuesdays, Thursdays...

Fall Sports Captains

Oct 15, '20

It is my pleasure to be announcing our first term competitive Senior team captains. In a year when we have no idea what the future will bring, the leadership and positive energy needed from these student-athletes will be significant. I know they will be there for their teammates and their programs and help in any way they can, on or off the...

Interhouse Cross Country: The Definition of Grit & Joy

Oct 10, '20

As Eco-Challenge highs (and lows) began to settle, the interhouse captains began preparing for our second event of the year: Cross Country. To race on foot is one of the oldest and most classic ways of settling something, and in this case, Hope-Privett came at it with a vengeance. Nike! After losing Eco-Challenge by a few minutes, the...

A Unique Preseason

Oct 07, '20

The new COVID-19 procedures have taken a lot of getting used to for all Brentwood students, and for the Ice Hockey team, that is no exception. Due to the new rules in place because of the pandemic, the way the first term Hockey program is run has changed considerably, but the important thing is that the team is still getting on the ice and putting...

Row, Row, Row Your Coastal Boat!

Oct 06, '20

During our absence from school since March, rowers missed nothing more than the grit and joy that comes with the Brentwood rowing community. Since being back amidst Covid-19, rowing this year has been a bit different. Juniors and seniors were split up, and everything has been done within cohorts. For the first two weeks, rowers barely got on...

Outdoor Pursuits - Happy & Ready For The Day

Oct 04, '20

Whether we are kayaking down rivers or climbing up mountains, Outdoor Pursuits is always adventuring. “Outdoor pursuits might not be the largest group, nor the most celebrated, but it is definitely the most passionate,” says Jack P, Whittall ‘22. On sports afternoons, adventurous Brentonians trek down to the kayak shack wearing wetsuits and...

Tennis - You Only Live Once, But You Get to Serve Twice!

Oct 03, '20

These first two weeks have been an exciting start for tennis players at Brentwood. Thankfully, COVID has not had much of an effect on our activity and the weather has been delightful on campus, perfect for some quality time on the court. Despite the low likelihood of any immediate out-of-school sports competition, the students and staff are...

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