From a Storage Closet Between Multipurpose Rooms

Oct 19, '20

In the 21st century, the connection of society between the religious metaphor and the legal metaphor has been broken. Neither expresses the community’s vision of its future and its past. Debate aims to reestablish that connection. Particularly in British Parliamentary style debate, which is the style with the maximum number of debaters, at eight...

UVIC Novice Debate

Oct 13, '20

In a classic K-shaped recovery pattern, as professional sports and other team events try to hang on to their competitive seasons, the digital world of debate has reached a fever pitch. UVIC hosts a novice tournament each October, and, this year, our students could debate from here on campus, in the multi-purpose rooms of the Foote Centre, or,...

Arts Captains Commissioned!

Oct 13, '20

With the conviction that creativity fosters wellness, imagination, community and joy, Brentwood proudly offers a diverse range of arts across four hour-long periods each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. In the emotionally challenging time of the pandemic, these virtues are of heightened importance. To optimize these opportunities, a...

French Provincial Debate

Aug 17, '20

Lots of things zigged rather than the preferred zagging during Brentwood’s Covidated 2020 third term. For nearly three rather long-seeming months, students have had their fitness go down, rather than the usual up, (inversely proportional to the body mass of many of their teachers), their AP exams go from a three hour leisure cruise of entire...

Farewell, For Now, From the Arts Prefect

Jul 07, '20

The following address was delivered at the School's final assembly of the 2019-2020 academic year in early June, 2020. Last night I was thinking about what to put in this final speech, and I did not know where to start. I didn’t know whether or not to make it about the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, the experiences I’ve had, or the...

Dissenting on the “Soap Box”

Apr 22, '20

Earlier this year, several public speaking students participated in an art show called “Dissent” located at an art gallery in Duncan. On January 25, the seven Brentwood students presented in front of a live audience on a range of topics including mental health, open-net fish farming, sex trafficking, gender bias in medical treatments, and...

Eloquent Rex

Feb 20, '20

There is something inexplicably exciting about seeing something in real life that has previously only been seen on TV. It seems to break some sort of space-time continuum. It is for that reason, and his role as an eloquent Canadian icon, that seeing Rex Murphy speak was so scintillating. With a group of about 20 debaters, we headed to the Mary...

Debate Regionals

Feb 13, '20

Debate regionals, the qualifier for the provincial tournament, were hosted at Glenlyon last Saturday. Brentwood’s Debate and Model UN program sent fourteen teams to compete, along with student and staff volunteer moderators, timekeepers, and judges. This tournament serves as a segue from novice to more competitive styles for the beginners. It...

PMUN Vancouver

Jan 25, '20

With buttoned blazers, poised placards, consistently conciliatory speech everywhere within earshot, and enough Starbucks cups to embarrass a landfill, PacificMUN 2020 weekend, Jan 17-19, kicked off with a horde of 400 delegates. Some seemed apprehensive about their first conference while others were certain they were the most articulate delegate...

Oak Bay High British Parliamentary Pizza Debate

Nov 15, '19

To the casual observer, high school debate is a seemingly random cacophony of bellicose bluster and interruption; however, there are actually about 10 styles of debate that pervade Canadian debate tournaments. On November 12, 14 Brentwood students had the chance to experience the Fuller British Parliamentary style debate, a four vs four...

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