MUN Achieves Independence

Jul 30, '21

The students who find themselves drawn to Model United Nations & Public Speaking are determined to be heard no matter the circumstances, and the 2020-2021 year proved that resilience and a genuine love for speaking and diplomacy is the foundation of the program. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic seriously impeding the club’s ability to attend...


Jul 24, '21

According to Confucius, the purpose of human life is to obey the duty to become better humans. Even though many debaters end up in professions that seem to have diverged from that goal, such as law and politics, our debaters adopted this goal in the year of lockdown. Better human beings pursue Confucianist Ren, which consist of six elements...

Nothing But Fun at B-MUN!

May 09, '21

As somebody who had never participated in a Model United Nations (MUN) before, it was safe to say that I was nervous when I found out that it would be mandatory for me to engage in B-MUN (Brentwood MUN) on Friday, April 30. Captain of Public Speaking/MUN, Sean R, Privett ‘21 excitedly announced that he was able to organize an in-person MUN...

Growing Out of Public Speaking Fears!

Apr 20, '21

When I arrived at Brentwood three years ago, I never intended to participate in Public Speaking or Model UN (MUN). Now, I get to wholeheartedly enjoy this Arts class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I can vividly recall the very first speech I made in front of my class. I was extremely nervous, my voice was shaky, and I didn’t think I could...

Fortune Brings In Some Boats That Are Not Steered

Feb 13, '21

This Canadian government would fund all in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is hardly the most common Grade 8-10 conversation for a sunny Saturday in February. To wit, most parents would likely raise an eyebrow if their 13 year old child expressed detailed knowledge of the struggles many couples face in getting pregnant through unassisted...

Model UN Excellence Online

Feb 05, '21

Last weekend, twelve members from the Public Speaking and Model UN class participated in the Vancouver Model UN competition. This is the largest student-run conference in North America. Over the course of three days, and 30 hours of committee sessions, these delegates discussed, negotiated, and built consensus around some of the most pressing...

Pokemon & A PhD

Jan 22, '21

According to her peers, Ms Legassicke is one of the school’s most accomplished RFAs, and she is the first Residential Faculty Assistant I have interviewed who did not attend Brentwood as a student. As I began to get to know Ms L, I had to start off with basic questions, such as “Where are you from?”, “What high school did you go to?” and “What...

MUN Under Covid

Jan 13, '21

The United Nations is an international organization that holds large committee sessions comprised of delegates representing their respective countries in order to discuss global issues in the framework of multilateralism. Model United Nations (often abbreviated to MUN) is basically that, but with students representing world powers in a...

Public Speaking - A Vital Skill

Nov 22, '20

School teaches us many different things that prepare us for life and work. Perhaps one of the most important skills we learn at Brentwood is public speaking. No matter what field of work you go into, there will inevitably be some form of speaking in front of others. Being able to convey a message thoughtfully and effectively through spoken words...

International Public Policy Forum

Oct 22, '20

On behalf of the Brewer Foundation and New York University, congratulations go out to our Brentwood team for advancing to the “Sweet 16” round of the 19th Annual International Public Policy Forum. During that 2019-20 competition, more than 150 teams representing schools in 19 countries and 28 US states submitted qualifying round essays....

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