Week Won: The Beginning of the Brentwood Journey

Sep 13, '19

“I remember it just like it was yesterday”, exclaimed Cannon F, Rogers ‘22 as he firmly walked through the gates of Brentwood to march across the planks of Rogers House. Brentwood College School is a haven for learning that accepts students from all across the world. The institution has a great range of diversity and shares different cultures,...

Farewell Mrs. Felix

Aug 06, '19

Below is a speech delivered at Assembly by Nurse Donna Decker in honour of a retiring Mrs Andrea Felix. It is my pleasure and honor to speak about Andrea Felix. It is difficult to summarize all that she has done for Brentwood over the past 18 years in such a short time, but I will do my best. Mrs. Felix came to Brentwood in 2001 along with her...

Ode to Alanna

Aug 04, '19

I have been asked to introduce Mrs. Martin who, after 16 years, is retiring from her positions here at Brentwood at the end of June. While at Brentwood, she has taught math, been the Athletic Assistant, the Grad Council Faculty Sponsor, an Advisor in Hope House, Head of Field Hockey, and Coach of the Senior Girls Field Hockey team. I have known...

Marius Felix Retires: When Comes Such Another?

Aug 02, '19

My first memory of Mr Felix was meeting him during Orientation of my first year. My father had just left, and in a sudden flash, I realized I was alone in the middle of nowhere. But standing tall as ever by the Ross Building was Mr Felix, a lighthouse drawing in students who felt lost. Recognizing him from the stories my father, an Old...

Leslie Reid Carr - A Courageous Pioneer

Jul 29, '19

Below is speech made in honour of retiree Mrs Leslie Carr at assembly on June 6, 2019. I am going to start in the present, with a perspective of Mrs Carr shared with me from her Assistant House Parent, Mr Smith. Mr. Smith says: “I have been in awe of Leslie’s skills as a Houseparent. Her instincts are razor sharp; she can spot BS a mile away,...

I Thought About It

Jul 27, '19

This free verse poem is the winner of the Grade 11 Term 2 school-wide Beth Melhuish Writing Competition. I Thought About It If you think about it, This poem was meant for you. This is the one you picked up, and actually read. The other ones are still stuck in poetry books and anthologies. All the other poems, lost and...

Wendy Patel Farewell

Jul 25, '19

The speech below was delivered at assembly in honour of Mrs Wendy Patel’s five years at the helm of the Grade 8 program. Four years ago I made a bet with Mrs Patel that by the day I graduate she would be able to do the splits. Obviously spending class time trying to prove this worked out in my favour, and was something that could only ever happen...

Innovative 8s

Jul 22, '19

Before the year started I was super excited for Innovations 8. I would have the opportunity to learn and use technology in so many different ways. But when I heard what we were doing for our first unit, my excitement dropped. We were going to learn how to use different G-Suite apps. I thought that I had already learned all that I needed in terms...

AP Biology Final Projects

Jul 13, '19

Brentwood is a platform that allows students to innovate and enhance in the field of science. Every year, Mr McCarthy encourages AP Biology students to apply skills we have learned in class to real life. This allows us to develop use of the scientific method and to research like students do in university. The projects this spring ranged from the...

Zero Tolerance

Jul 09, '19

The following is the winner of the Term 2 Melhuish Writing competition in which Grade 9 students were required to write a ballad. Where is my son? The father asked. From screaming he was sore Eyes looked at him behind a mask No one could tell him more. The agents shrugged. One made a call. “Your son’s not coming back,” They threw him...

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