Leadership Initiatives

Jun 27, '22

Two of our Grade 11s, Chichi O & Hazel L, Allard ‘23, were recognized for their efforts with the Leadership Initiative. Marshall Bailly, Executive Director, of Leadership Initiatives wrote “Without incredible interns like them, we would not be able to continue our work to develop underserved communities across the globe. Over the course of...

Soccer Saturday Provincial Championships

Jun 24, '22

Brentwood is an international School. Soccer is an international game. So it should come as no surprise that we feature a robust soccer program that runs three terms a year on lush grass fields and the artificial turf beside the Foote Center. All of this is watched over by wise Wes Barrett and his team of coaches. And we have considerable...

Chatting With Anastasiia Lapatina

May 26, '22

Every year, business magazine Forbes releases their 30 Under 30 list, which highlights individuals under the age of 30 who are making an impact in their communities. The 2022 list for Europe has recently been posted, and I encourage you all to take a visit to the website. On the front cover, there are the portraits of three individuals. On the...

Marvelous May Midterm

May 23, '22

As yet another year flies by for us all, Brentwood enters its final break of the school year. From May 20th until May 25th, the busyness of the campus’ spring schedule is put on hold for term 3’s midterm break. These five days away from campus look different for all of the members of Brentwood, but for the most part, the students are eager for...

Human Geography 12

May 18, '22

Are you unsure of what Social Studies course to take next year? Are you a fan of the relationship between humans and the environment, culture, and economics around them? If so, keep reading to learn more about my favorite class, Human Geography 12, taught by Mr Brian Carr. When asked to give a brief explanation on this course, Mr Carr provided...

Up to Speed with Comparative Cultures 12

May 17, '22

Earlier in the year I wrote an article about Comparative Cultures 12, and now I figure that since we have completely shifted gears since then, an update is necessary to do justice to just how interesting this course is. Mr Pasquale’s Arts 253 classroom is one students have been keen to attend since the beginning of the year - and it hasn’t moved...

Every Day is Game Day - AP with a Tandem of Collises

May 14, '22

AP Language and Composition. When Brentwood students hear these words they think of the man, the myth, the legend, Mr Paul Collis. However, this year a young frisbee golf enthusiast also dipped his toes into the AP world. Back in September, Mr Collis Handford, known as TCH to most, took 25 naive Grade 11s under his wing and on May 10th, after...

Exacting AP Exams

May 09, '22

From May 2nd until May 13th, over two million students worldwide will be writing their Advanced Placement exams. With over 240 students here at Brentwood writing an 460 AP exams, the campus is currently pushing through its May academic climax. Students have been preparing for these exams since the beginning of the year, and in some cases with...

Touching Lessons

May 07, '22

Students of Mr Skardal’s Grade 12 English class have been religiously paying attention to every move Mr Skardal has made: all for one moment. This moment. Mr Skardal reluctantly handed over the torch, allowing us to create and lead a lesson. For part of our Relationships Unit, we were divided into partners and selected from an array of topics...

The Mind-Bending Third Term of Calculus 12 and Mr P

May 05, '22

Calculus, a subject most people cringe at with the mere sound of it, is, quite honestly, the hardest subject I have taken in my existence on this earth. Now don’t get me wrong, the class is wonderful, the people are wonderful and, most importantly, our Calculus teacher, Mr Prokopchuk, is quite literally the “G.O.A.T” at math. The reason is not...

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