TEDx Is Back!

Oct 27, '20

TEDx is an event where live speeches are delivered to help inform others about progressive ideas. These cutting-edge observations can be life changing and we at Brentwood are fortunate enough to see these insights provided by our speakers each year. With COVID, external speakers were not able to attend: so we modified the event. The event was...

What is Ethics Anyway? - Science and Ethics 11

Oct 26, '20

There is a defined period every fateful ABC day where room R301, or as it is known, ‘The Coliseum’, pays homage to a new Caesar: the effervescent emperor of morals himself, Mr Ron Neufeld, of Science and Ethics 11. Every year, a select group of students embarks on this adventure. Although it is a senior course, it is offered as a tenth-grade...

Social Justice in the Classroom

Oct 23, '20

Social Justice 12 is one of the newest senior social studies courses on campus, having only been integrated in Brentwood’s classrooms for two years. Our fearless leader, Ms Richardson, spearheaded this class from day one with a passion for “working with young people to become informed, engaged and passionate global citizens”. Ms Richardson...

Learn the Skills - AP Seminar

Oct 20, '20

Learning to research, analyze, interpret and articulate what you learn in today’s world is an essential part of succeeding in both university and life. AP Seminar 11 teaches students how to leave Brentwood confident that they can do so. AP Seminar 11 is composed of mostly Grade 10 students, as it is offered as a Grade 10 elective. This class...

The Wonders of Writing 12

Oct 16, '20

Every year at the end of Grade 11, students are given the opportunity to try out for a class like no other. This course consists of ten strong English students who are passionate about coloured gel pens, dictionaries, Mr Collis’ chickens, and an extra spare. Those who are chosen for the class get to test their abilities as writers by forcing...

The Season of Melhuish

Oct 15, '20

That time of year has arrived, poking its head around the corner once more. The time of colourful foliage gracefully falling. The time of pumpkin spice lattes and cozy, knitted blankets. The time of the year some call “spooky season” and the time of the first Melhuish competition. For those not aware, the Melhuish competitions are comprised of...

Grade Nine Adventure Week

Oct 08, '20

On October 1st the Grade 9 Adventure Week began. Every year Brentwood sends a group of eager, Grade 9 students up to explore Strathcona Park. This week-long escapade is filled to the brim with creative opportunities, risk-taking and the ability to learn more about yourself throughout your adventures. Due to COVID-19, this year's trip was...

The Complicated Study of Why Things Move (A.K.A. Physics 12)

Oct 06, '20

The first month of Physics 12 with Mrs Olszewski has been a comforting transition into many complicated subjects. Most problems we have faced involve topics such as torque (the force causing an object to move around a pivot point), finding the net force of a problem (total force acting in a direction), and tension. Mrs Olszewski has been an...

Why We Wear Orange

Oct 04, '20

On Wednesday September 30th, Brentwood students ditched their uniforms and wore orange t-shirts, orange stickers and other orange clothing in honor of Orange Shirt Day. September 30th is recognized in order to promote reflection upon the wrongdoings of Canadian history and recognition of Canada’s First Nations People. Started in 2013 by...


Sep 24, '20

On Friday September the 11th, the long awaited in-person classes started up. Classrooms all over campus were alive once again, and they were full of students eager to learn while maintaining all the new Covid-safe protocols. Over the past six months, changes had to be made in order for students to make their way back to Brentwood. One of the...

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