Jane Austen Tea Party

Jul 28, '21

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Brentwood Grad in possession of some free time, must be in want of a tea party. In early June, as spring turned to summer, the AP Literature 12 students celebrated the culmination of their intellectual literary journeys with the annual Jane Austen Tea Party. Austen's Pride and Prejudice remains...

Kamloops Indian Residential School Discovery of Remains

Jun 26, '21

Kamloops is located at the bisection of the Thompson River. When driving from Vancouver, the Trans-Canada Highway descends into this dry, windy city. As drivers enter the city, they have a choice of crossing the river to follow the North Thompson River along Highway 5 (also known as the Yellowhead Highway) towards places like Clearwater and...

Physics 11 Piano Project

Jun 16, '21

As I sat in my Advisor's class, Ross 101, I couldn't help but notice the massive piano set on a table in the middle of the room. An exciting project, the Giant Piano fashioned by the Physics 11 classes was a sight to behold. The product of about a month of strenuous and exciting work, the piano project is a testament to the ability and ingenuity...

Pug Day

Jun 14, '21

On a Saturday afternoon in late May, students met on Gillespie Field under a cloudless, summer sky to take part in a glorious end-of-the-year occasion. Mrs Reynolds’s English 9 classes had been in eager anticipation of this momentous event all year: Pug Day. The tradition is one in which Mrs. Reynolds invites her students to the broad green field...

Photographers Take on Ye'yumnuts Ancient Site

Jun 06, '21

On May 28th, 19 of Brentwood’s finest photographers, ranging from wide-eyed Grade 10s who had picked up a camera for the first time ever this September, to award-winning Grade 12s, hopped on a yellow school bus in the Crooks parking lot. We sailed along Highway #1 for 30 minutes out to Duncan and reached the Somenos Garry Oak Protected Area and...

Academic Aggravation

Jun 05, '21

Every year at Brentwood, exam week is held in June as a way for teachers to observe what their students have learned during the entire school year. This week is often dreaded by most students, but for some it serves as a much-needed grade booster to end off their nine month year of education at Brentwood. The week usually involves an enormous...

Electromagnetism Exhibit

Jun 02, '21

In the past weeks, AP Physics 11 students have been hard at work constructing instructional videos on electromagnetism compiling the knowledge they have built up throughout the year. Mrs Olszewski tasked students with making an instructional video applying electromagnetism to real world scenarios and explaining the concepts through a...

A Change of Pace: English 10 Genre Units

May 31, '21

By the end of the year, the Brentwood Grade 10s are ready for a change. So, instead of staying in their regular English classes until summer, they get to choose between three genre units to study new topics for a couple of weeks. Grade 10 English at Brentwood is taught during A and B blocks only so there were two classes for each unit and students...

Accounting 12's Annual Stock Market Game

May 29, '21

With the students of Financial Accounting 12 finishing up their most recent project, a self evaluation of their performance and things learned while playing the Stock Market Game, it gave them the opportunity to look back and reflect on their either booming, high-profiting stock purchases, or their most regretted buys in the intense virtual stock...

EXtenDays: Grade 10 Adventures!

May 22, '21

The theme of Grade 10 at Brentwood is ‘exploration’ and many things are built into the curriculum to fulfill that. In a pre-pandemic world, the Brentwood Grade 10s would have gone to Camp Qwanoes together as a bonding experience; however, since Covid has made that impossible, Mr Dan Norman, Brentwood math teacher and coach of Outdoor Pursuits,...

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