Calc 12 So Far

Jan 24, '22

As many of my fellow Brentonians and I entered the fall term, we decided to pursue the interests of Calculus 12. Calculus 12 is one of the most intense non AP math courses offered at Brentwood. The course is definitely hard, but it's not necessarily due to pure difficulty and it's definitely not due to bad teaching as we are taught by the...

Geography Rocks

Jan 21, '22

Among Brentwood’s extensive list of social studies courses, Physical Geography 12 – taught by Mr Carr – has stood out for many students in the beginning of this year. That is why Mr Carr has taken on the challenge of two Physical Geography classes this year. The course offers in-depth lessons of Earth’s systems beginning with global...

Welcome Back, Brentwood!

Jan 18, '22

After three weeks away, 2022 at Brentwood has begun and our student body has made its way back to campus after a well-deserved winter break. Due to various travel issues, we do not yet have every Brentonian back in Mill Bay, but we are incredibly grateful to be able to return to school and continue to enjoy in-person learning. As we all know,...

Writing For Rights

Jan 15, '22

Every year at Brentwood, Amnesty International’s annual Write for Rights campaign is put on by the English department to make students aware of some controversial issues going on around the world. This year's event had ten different cases for students to choose from depending on which one they find is most important. English teacher Mrs...

Comparative Cultures 12

Dec 21, '21

Among the plethora of academic electives offered to senior students sits Comparative Cultures 12 in which students embrace various ways of interpreting different cultures. This leads to a broader understanding of the globalized world we live in today. The course identifies how culture is formed, developed, organized, and manifested as well as how...

Brentwood Mock Trial 2021

Dec 11, '21

On December 7th, two multipurpose rooms in the Foote Athletic Centre were converted into courtrooms so the annual Brentwood mock trial could take place. Each year, two Law 12 classes filled with ambitious and enthusiastic legal scholars depart on a journey of cross-examinations, opening statements, and court procedures. This year, the case was...

Faculty Focus Groups - Not Just a Day Off School

Dec 07, '21

The Faculty Focus Groups Saturday of last month featured many alumni on campus which allowed for a much more personal feel. Due to many presentations being held on Zoom last year, it was more challenging to connect with the presenter and vice-versa, as they were being viewed through a screen, which can also result in technical difficulties. And...

Springsteen Night in Mill Bay

Dec 02, '21

The sun had set and the week was winding down, but on November 26, the staff and students in the Lecture Theatre were winding up for a special occasion. The air was electric, the audience clad in plaid, and everyone was on the edge of their seat, anticipating what was about to happen next. On one special November night every year, the AP...

Introducing the Toward Real Sustainability Competition

Nov 30, '21

By Cheryl Murtland, Deputy Head—Academics In early November, I sent an email to all students informing them of a Vancouver Island student competition being hosted by Westmont Montessori School in Victoria. It is the first annual Toward Real Sustainability Competition. This was not connected to a course, nor for marks; rather, an opportunity to...

Recent Excitement from the Killy Theatre

Nov 25, '21

As the impish Grade 8s go about their year in a spacious ocean-view classroom in the Bunch Centre, along with what some might call a rigorous homework load and faced with the looming specter of beginning of high school in September, they are assigned a task as a class to explore the life of theatre. Although some may like participating and some...

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