Parent Teacher Interviews

Nov 13, '19

Over the past three weeks, students and parents participated in our annual Parent Teacher Interviews where parents met with teachers in person or on Skype. Through these 10 minute interviews, the faculty were able to reflect on the student’s progress throughout the course and provide feedback to improve their performance in class. November 9...

A Place To Call Home

Nov 01, '19

Brentwood has countless support resources; from peer tutoring, tutorial, and math help centre, one does not have to sweat to find assistance. There is always someone, somewhere where students can find support for whatever fits their needs. For students with academic challenges or learning exceptionalities, the Learning Centre quickly becomes a...

Boomerang: Brentwood TEDx 2019

Oct 31, '19

Last Saturday, students all gathered in the Killy Theater to be educated and inspired by an incredible lineup of speakers at this year’s annual Brentwood TEDx event. The 2019 theme was Boomerang - What Goes Around Comes Around, and this presented a template for many thought-provoking and intriguing speeches. The speakers list this year was...

Grade Nines Take On The Outdoors

Oct 23, '19

Far too bright and early on the Grade 9’s third morning at Strathcona Park Lodge, we hauled our monstrously overpacked bags down to the docks to pack our canoes for the overnight trip. When we were done packing our food supplies and getting the last tastes of pescetarianism food, half of the Grade 9 class hopped into their canoes and started...

Camp Thunderbird

Oct 21, '19

For the first three days of school on September third, fourth and fifth, the Grade 8s and their teachers, Mr Stevens and Ms Ramundi, all went camping. We went to Camp Thunderbird for our three-day trip. Throughout the trip, we participated in activities such as hiking, team building, rock climbing, archery, tag, manhunt and finally the most...

Harvest Season

Oct 14, '19

Unbeknownst to most students, Brentwood has a school garden just a five minute walk away from the school gates. In the past, it has been used minimally, and while it has served those who spend time in it well, it is an area of great unexploited potential. This year, however, Mr McCarthy collaborated with some members of the Brentwood...

Testing Science Eight

Oct 13, '19

On Friday, September 27, the Grade 8s were assigned a task. They needed to create a structure that could withstand an earthquake and, if they wanted, withstand a tsunami. They were given a limited amount of materials, and a time limit. In their small groups, they set out to accomplish their goal. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the 8s...

Paving the Path: How Extra-Curriculars Affect your Post-Secondary Life

Oct 12, '19

On a Wednesday in early October, three alumni speakers came to Brentwood to share a couple of reasons why the Arts and Athletics programs offered here are important in developing time management skills, work-life balance, and leadership qualities. As students arrived in the Lecture Theatre, they were greeted by three keynote speakers with wildly...

Horne Lake Caves Adventure

Oct 10, '19

Last Friday the Grade 8s left for Horne Lake to get our hands dirty and explore the Horne Lake Caves. We made sandwiches, got on the bus for a 2-hour drive to Horne Lake, then we were more than ready to have some fun. When we got there, we were split into two groups, then sent off to explore some caves. On the hike to the first cave, we were...

Grade 9s Take on Strathcona

Oct 08, '19

On Sunday, September 29th the Class of 2023 left for Strathcona Park Lodge. The 84 grade 9 students were nervous about the big adventure, but as soon as they got there they jumped in headfirst. The Strathcona trip has been part of Brentwood's Grade 9 history for several years. Every year a new group of rowdy Grade 9s are thrown into an...

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