Black History Month

Feb 06, '23

As soon as February begins, we often hear a lot about recognizing Black History Month and celebrating it, but we are never actually taught what this Month is. So we are here to tell you. Black History Month spans the whole of February. It is to honor the numerous accomplishments and contributions made by Black people and their communities...

Pupils’ Provincial Pains

Feb 05, '23

Every January, the Foote Centre gymnasium is turned into an exam room so that more than half the Brentwood student body can sit down and take their provincial assessments. In order to obtain the Dogwood Diploma, all students in BC are required to take the Grade 10 Literacy and Numeracy Assessments, as well as the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment....

Wander into A Writing 12 Wilderness

Feb 03, '23

The one thing that sets boarding schools miles apart from regular schools is … academics at all hours. At Brentwood, these extra hours are utilized to the fullest extent, preparing students for a college experience. A full day of classes is followed by math and chem help - some courses even extend into the evening. An example of this unique...

A Day in the Life of a Brentwood Student

Jan 27, '23

As we begin the 2023 year, I wanted to take the opportunity to chronicle a day in the life of a Brentwood student. With new applicants sending in their forms every day hoping to attend Brentwood next year, this article will take readers on a journey through the eyes of a Brentwood student and give them an inside look at the daily routine, classes,...

We All Need Financial Accounting: Come Gage the Fun!

Jan 22, '23

Making income statements, balance sheets, and general journals, what fun can there be? Well, thanks to our beloved Whittall Houseparent and Financial Accounting teacher Mr Gage, the students are always engaged in learning with his delightful presence in the classroom. From my experience, this class has been quite a learning experience. As a...

Grade 9 Food Drive

Jan 15, '23

The Christmas Spirit rang true in early December as ninth graders ventured into the community to collect food donations for the CMS Food Bank located across the street from Brentwood. The CMS Food Bank has served the Cobble Hill, Mill Bay, and Shawnigan Lake areas since 1983. Hoping on buses, the excitement began to build. Slowly, we were...

Brentwood’s Environmentally Conscious Club

Dec 28, '22

Every day our earth is threatened by environmental issues such as global warming and plastic pollution. That is why, here at Brentwood, we play our part in the fight for a clean and sustainable future as best we can. Brentwood currently houses a diligent club working to better our environmental future, the BEAT (Brentwood Environmental Action...

University Applications Are Rolling

Dec 20, '22

While the student body revels in the upcoming break and the holiday season, all Grade 12s have one thing on their minds … university applications. That’s right, the time has come for the grad class to make decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. It may sound intimidating, but it is one of the most exciting experiences for all...

YPI - 9s Act for Charity

Dec 16, '22

Our Grade 9s have been working hard on their YPI projects this term. The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an opportunity for students to engage with and represent local charities. Opening young eyes to those less fortunate than us and finding a way to help them is the core of this project. Throughout, students learn about social issues,...

Lorna Schultz Nicholson: A Visit by the Author-Athlete

Dec 06, '22

Ms Schultz Nicholson is an author who writes children’s and young adult books. She writes all types of books ranging from hockey to autism. Her connection to Brentwood is through Mr Brian Carr whom she met through the rowing program at UVic in 1982. He says, “She has paved the way on many fronts here in Canada. A member of the first high school...

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