Hallie Talks Books

May 23, '20

English teacher Ryan Skardal is well known for his voluminous reading. He shares this passion with his students. Below is the first in a series of interviews with Skardal’s Scholars about their recent reading. How do you read so much? My sister read books and I'd just take her books and read them all. I also really liked to make lists. Books...

Ensemble à Distance

May 14, '20

“Chers juges, chers parents, chers professeurs et chers amis…” This is a dreaded line for any French Immersion student. If you have never taken French Immersion, or Core French for that matter, it is most likely you have no idea what this means. Every year around the end of March, French Immersion students all around Canada participate in a...

The Smiths

May 10, '20

One of the families living on the Brentwood campus are the Smiths. Mr Phil Smith is the Allard Assistant Houseparent, as well as one of our fantastic maths teachers. With him is his wife, Dr Maraina Smith who is a family physician, and their three children, Phoebe, Seb, and Ngapera . They plan on growing to a family of seven very soon, as Dr Smith...

Biomedical 10 Experiments with Public Service Announcements

May 05, '20

Throughout the Biomed Science 10 course, students have learnt the importance of raising awareness for combating global health issues. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the class got into groups and chose a health issue in Belize to raise awareness on, and we brought the campaigns to Belize in February. When COVID-19 became a relevant...

Zoom Poetry Was A Slam

Apr 27, '20

With the new protocols surrounding COVID-19, Brentwood’s tight-knit community has been forced to disperse around the world. Every student and teacher is now adjusting frantically to Zoom rooms instead of classrooms and accepting the fact that there is a lot right now that is out of our control. We no longer have the opportunity to wake up every...

Grade 9 Ballads

Apr 25, '20

As most of us painfully discovered, when online learning started, the Melhuish Contest was cancelled by the Head of English himself, Mr. Collis. Students across the school were devastated by the inconsolable news. Luckily, Mrs. Reynolds' Grade 9 English cohort was enlightened by something she described as a “special surprise.” “Well kids, the...

Earth Day 2020

Apr 24, '20

As Captain of the Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT), I have been anticipating and planning for Brentwood’s Earth Week for months. In just one week, centered around Earth Day, we had planned to hold our annual “Pizza on Patel” energy saving contest, organize local clean ups, host guest speakers, run fun events including hikes, bonfires,...

I Miss That Kid

Apr 20, '20

Last Friday Jayden J, Hope '20 and Mr Collis hosted a Slam Poetry evening. Here is Mr Collis' heartfelt contribution. I miss you. I miss the kid who over participates in class. In a 20 minute discussion, this fire hose will blast away for at least 15 of those minutes, other hands up in the air be damned. Maybe, like my friend Harold,...

How to Bloom on Zoom

Apr 20, '20

On the closing days of March Break, I wrote an article about the upcoming phenomenon of online learning, and after a month, here is how students are feeling. First of all, back before Zoom classes were a reality, I asked my peers what they anticipated the most challenging aspects would be. Most answers involved different time zones and poor...

'Tis Not Too Late to Learn a Zoomer World

Apr 16, '20

I first became a student when I entered kindergarten at St. Paul’s Elementary in Peterborough, Ontario in the fall of 1969. I’ve been involved in education ever since. For 18 years I was a student through elementary, secondary and post-secondary studies. In turns, I coached hockey, soccer, volleyball, sailing, swimming, ropes course, and...

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