Concert for a Summer's Eve

Jun 04, '13

Step into summer with music to lift your spirits and take in the grand finale from our Music Department - Concert for a Summer’s Eve, a musical extravaganza featuring our award winning bands, choirs, soloists and more. From ensembles such as our Pops Orchestra, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Vocal Jazz Show Choir, Guitar Ensemble and Rock Bands, to the...

House Families

Jun 04, '13

On Tuesday, May 28th, I did #1 Inspection in Mackenzie House - a formal room inspection. While this usually is part of our Saturday morning routine, Mrs. Flynn and I were unable to find a suitable Saturday. So, in true Brentwood fashion, she informed the girls that Mack House was having a special BBQ – burgers, hot dogs, chips, soda, etc. – with...

Embryonic Engineers – Deep Learning

Jun 04, '13

There is much talk in teaching today about “problem-based” and “hands on” learning. Collaboration is another buzzword as is “authentic”, meaning connected to the real world as opposed to purely academic. Some of the best examples of this can be found in our newly formed Senior Engineering class which operates in the arts afternoon and is an...

As The Year Winds Down…

Jun 04, '13

The faculty, undoubtedly, look at the end of each school year with a mixture of relief and sadness, but also anticipation knowing a well-deserved rest is just around the corner. The students, however, see the end of the year through a very different lens. The Grade 9 class can soon claim they survived their first year at Brentwood - prep,...

Of Trials and Championships

Jun 04, '13

The month of May has, once again, been an extraordinarily busy and successful time for our Brentwood athletes; their efforts have resulted in some outstanding performances. Our Senior Tennis Team captured yet another Island Championship this month and then made another remarkable run at the provincials where they

Closing Of A School Year

Jun 04, '13

This time of year is bittersweet for many members of the staff and the student body. For returning students and staff, there is the allure of summer break, one that gets stronger as the weather gets better and Closing looms. For the school’s Grade 12 class, the Graduation Dinner and Dance in Vancouver is a collage of happy memories and the reality...

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